Romancing the Devil - D.J. Manly Book Summery
Ex-priest Maurice Darrell once exorcised a demon from a condemned man. Tracy Ross is a young man presumed to be possessed by demons. Maurice has lost his faith, but the church still requires his services when the devil comes calling.
Lost and floundering, searching for his true self, Maurice Darrell once found comfort in the church as a priest but left after discovering he no longer agreed with the church's philosophy. The church, however, never lost sight of Maurice because he'd once been one of their most powerful exorcists.
When a prominent senator turns to the church to exorcise his son, the bishop asks Maurice to render an opinion.

Prone to odd behavior, Tracy Ross baffles the mental health professionals. Upon seeing Tracy, Maurice isn't sure if Tracy's behavior is a result of demon possession or the young man's determination to rebel against an all-controlling and uncompromising father.

Maurice has seen it all before, or has he?

Romancing the Devil pits a defrocked priest against incredible evil, bringing a lost young man peace and, ultimately, love.

Normally I would be giving my own summery of the book right here. I don’t know if I can summarize this book without giving too much away. Maurice isn’t what I would have expected of a fallen priest. He is sexy down to earth and has a true understanding of faith that it makes me ache. Tracy is struggling with a father who sadly fits the bill of many American politicians. Worries only about themselves and how others make them look. They don’t care about how there actions make others feel as long as they get what they want in the long run. Sadly Tracy’s Father Reminds me of Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney all rolled into one Evil vile despicable person. Tracy’s father is held captive by His undying faith on the words of Man not the word of god. He believed he was doing gods work when in fact he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and this is what will be the downfall of many in the end. To me DJ pointed out the difference between faith in the word of man and faith of God. WHICH are 2 Very Different things. You can Have a strong faith in God and not agree with everything that is written by man in the bible. I think many have forgotten that faith doesn’t come from a book it comes from within ones own heart. Men are fallible and are corrupt. Over the Centuries the bible has become more about mans word then Gods word. Some people who use the bible to thump their views into the American people are corrupt. They are tainted by their own version of what is right and wrong. They are tainted not by the love of god but the lust of power, money and greed. If nothing else I walked away from reading this book with a stronger sense of whom I need to put my faith in. Without giving away to much I want to sum up by saying DJ has Managed to summarize the downfall of the American people who are held captive by their religion and point out at least to me how faith can be found purely in the love of the right person. You will walk away from Reading this novel asking yourself is this were we are truly heading and CAN love really over come Evil in the end.

On my Erect Peni Scale of 1-10 of Hot sexiness I have to give Romancing the Devil 10+. This is despite the fact after a fairly good night sleep I realized there was a lot of sexual tensions but not a lot of Sex! Normally that would make me a very sad Pixie but It worked… too much sex would have taken away from the Message I feel is in the story for those who can see it.

On my Scale of Wait to Pay Day Or Sell the Babies- I have to say Sell the Babies!!! Go Buy this book and sit and read it in the place you plan on being when Rapture hits.

In closing I want to add on that this is a very well written book about many issues that many of us face everyday. More so what the Gay and Lesbian community faces. Especially those kids who come from Big Political families. Evil is all around us. We read about it every day in the news we see it in the eyes of children. Secrets, religion, and sometimes even our past allow evil to take over and take control. We are all the masters of our own choices in this world we need to ask ourselves can we learn from the past and move on to a better future or do we allow evil to keep rein and become the monsters that monsters made us?