Come By Chance - A.J. Llewellyn Come By Chance
A.J. Llewellyn Come By Chance

When photographer’s assistant Gary Holland meets three Australian underpants models—all called Bruce—on what should be a routine shoot in LA, it turns out to be anything but. He falls for the geekiest, yet sexiest, Bruce of them all, but soon learns Bruce has not only never been with another man but is an anxious virgin.

Bruce lives in the whimsically named town of Come By Chance in northern New South Wales, population 178. After a torrid fling starts in California, Bruce wants Gary to visit him in the land down under. Shocks, laughter, love, a shy kangaroo named Phillip, a goose called Zeus and a tractor that thinks it’s a horse, soon welcome Gary to a life he never thought he’d want to live. Can two men who are such opposites make a life together? Does love like this really…come by chance?

When I first saw the title of AJ’s New book Come By Chance.. My First thought was OHHHHHHH AJ’s writing something Dirty!!! I got excited well more than I normally do lol… Anyways when I finally sat down to read it I realized Our Aussie writer was taking us in a trip down Memory lane. Come By Chance is a Town in Australia... Actually the book took me down a stroll of memories because he talked about places Like a Thrift shop called St. Vincent DePaul’s. Growing up in Syracuse NY we had many of them around and often got some of the apartments we lived in as kids furnished by them. I loved this story. The Inspiration for it came from Good Reads and I was thrilled to see that he expanded on the original and once again AJ didn’t disappoint. Come By Chance is as hot and sexy as any of his others.

The story picks up after AJ’s Original story. Gary has packed up and traveled from Sunny Warm California to the Hot Humid country of Australia. Gary is sitting in an airport waiting for Bruce A Hot Hung Aussie who’s down to earth and geek who has turned Gary’s quiet life upside down. Bruce is keeping some secrets and the smart geeky Aussie might need to let go of his fears of being a poof and openly embrace the gay man that he is. They share some hot sex all over Australia and finally go home to Come By Chance just in time for the Come By Chance Picnic races; to meet a shy Kangaroo named Philip and realize that love sometimes comes by chance.

Like all AJ Novels you come to expect Sex... This book doesn’t disappoint. Not only does this book rate a 100 on my Erect Peni scale I have to give this book an A++++++ for just the sheer beauty that is the land down other. I learned so much about Oz (except why it’s called OZ *note the Hint there AJ*) that it’s now on my top ten places I want to see before I die. Thanks AJ *giggles*
This is another Must Have Book of AJ’s and on my scale of 1-10 (1 being it can wait for Payday and 10 being SELL THE KIDS (furry and other) and BUT this book) this book is a 10!!! You need to pawn the Children and get this book!!!!!!