Love Most Inconvenient - D.J. Manly Love Most Inconvenient By DJ Manly

Love Most Inconvenient is the first of 3 books of the same name, this one is three different stories of finding love when you least expect it and sometimes at the most inconvenient times.

The First of three stories is called No Vacancy. Here we met Manuel and John. Two complete opposites. Manuel is your typical hot built Cop and John is a budding Movie star looks and appearances are everything to him. Their first meeting was far from perfect. Manuel gets locked out of his own apartment nothing unusual being the resourceful cop that his was and not having talked to his roommate in a while he lets himself into his bedroom through a window. There His head is formally introduced to a Louie Ville Slugger. If first impressions are anything to go by John was not impressed by his late night Visitor. However sometimes things are not always as they appear and when you look past a person’s outsides you never know love just might find you.

Next in the Series is Right Before My Eyes. Here we meet Paul and Marco Delino. Paul works for WYRT Radio as a paper pusher (accounts and such) and the ever talented and dazzling Marco is the stations #1 Rock Jock; He is sex on a stick. Tall, Dark Handsome , a sexy smile that got him anything he wanted , voice that could make butter melt and surprisingly down to earth. He is everything a man could want and everything a smart man should stay away from or is He? After helping him on his very first day of work they go out for drinks after work and maybe something more? However a chance meeting with the man whose job Paul got at Marco’s apartment sends Paul running and though they stay good friends Paul can’t help but wonder what might have been. Time a bad relationship, losing his own apartment and having to move into Marco’s starts to take its toll. Can Paul Find his Rock and Roll dream or is Marco going to fade into Rock and Roll Heaven? Sometimes you have to make your own music to find your way.

Finally we come to My Name is Dane. Here we meet Mild mannered Veterinarian Mark. Mark’s Family isn’t normal, than again who’s is? However in this story his older brother Mark’s got a plain to say his oh so innocent sisters’ virtue is at stake so they go to kind the Cade who besmirched her honor and knocked her up. Well that doesn’t work out as planned and Christopher Hawkins doesn’t know what hit him or well in Mark’s cause preached to death. The man they brace knuckle and injected with heavens knows what fits the description their sister gave them but is it the right man? Here we have everything a person can love a well meaning brother caught between a rock and hard place. This man says His name is Dane but can he trust what his heart tells him or is his not good brother the little mobster he thinks he is right? Things take a turn for the worst when The Real Christopher shows up things take a turn for the worst or the best. Sometimes the worst circumstances love finds a way of happening.

I have never ever read a bad DJ Manly book. I have had the pleasure of reading a lot of his work. Honestly he was one of the first writers I was introduced too book wise and I am glad I never looked back. In Love Most Inconvenient is a wonderful light hearted love stories. Each book shows us something that we sometimes take for granted like first impressions aren’t always right, Sometimes the thing we need to most is right in front of us and last but not least some things aren’t always as they appear and you need to trust that yourself and your inner voice.

On a Scale of 1-10 erect Peni I have to give this book 10 erect Peni the sex is hot as hell and require a cold shower afterwards.

On a scale of 1-10 on my must have /must read scale this book is off the scale I don’t think that anyone out there could dislike this book.
I think that these books are well worth the time and the read and can be found at