Xu - A.J. Llewellyn Xu
by A. J. Llewellyn

Fight or flight? This has always been the way of Lindo Santiago’s life, and he has always chosen to fight. He has prepared for world championship boxing glory his entire career. From the Mexican slums to the hard streets of Hollywood, he gave it everything. Lindo thought he was ready until his world title shot arrived and almost killed him. Now, forced to retire by the California State Athletic Commission, he has defied the odds by surviving a three-month coma and severe brain injury.

Forced to choose a new path, to live a different life, Lindo is certain he can do it, with the help of Xu, a mysterious spirit force of a man who emerged in the darkest days of Lindo’s coma. Xu and Lindo’s homosexuality are his biggest secrets. Encouraged to take his first vacation ever, Lindo flies to Honolulu where Xu becomes more potent, yet more mysterious. Signs are everywhere that Lindo must choose between love and death, and he also must decide whether to enter into a relationship with a hot local, Turner Cypriano. But if he does, what will that mean for Xu?

Lindo is an injured boxer who boxed in a match that he shouldn’t have Boxed in the first place. The Doctor who saved his life and the few people left who didn’t think he was a washed up old has been sat with him as the California State Athletic Association decided that he was no longer allowed to box. So Armed only with the money he had saved a man named XU only he could see Lindo take a long needed Vacation to Hawaii.

Everything in Lindo’s life changes in Hawaii.. The islands work his magic on his body and soul however with all go things there must be some sadness. A new friend takes Lindo to a Boxing Match and he is front and center to see the same injury he suffered from inflicted on another. Suddenly he feels his world come crashing in… Can XU pull Lindo back again or is there something else he needs to remember and do.

I want to start this review a little differently than I normally do.. Honestly there is nothing normal about how I do anything but that is neither here nor there right now lol.. I don’t do sports I don’t follow sports I am not a huge fan of sports. Sadly that is spoke by a onetime Varsity cheerleader. But I have been around boys most of my life. my brother (who is no longer with us) is only 18months younger than I am so I tended to hang with the boys(go figure) So I know something about sports I even played them as a younger person. So I know basics about most…
Ok so now on to the present… I know something about boxing and its very basic.. You beat the other person to a pulp and first one to falls and doesn’t get up looses. ( I not a stupid girl I know there is more to it than that) I also know that these men and woman are perfect honed machines. Hands down that is what they are. The Sacrifices they make for this sport is staggering. What I didn’t know and what I am learning is How few rules there really are regarding injury and how easily its hidden away and swept under the rug. Did you know that Boxers shouldn’t box if they have had any kind of head injury. If they are sparing and the sparring partner gets in a lucky shot to the head or the eye they shouldn’t box in the “big” match. Boxers Fight with injuries that can KILL them.. Boxing is the only Sport You have a High Chance of Dying doing. Boxers hide injuries from loved ones, Trainers, Managers, Promoters and other Boxers( this one does makes sense though) Up until recently MRI’s where not Normally Run on Boxers who sustained head injuries. The lack of Good medical care has resulted in Many deaths and life altering injuries. That to me is heart breaking. NASCAR has better Medical care for their Injured Drivers than the Boxing Association has for their Boxers. Granted they have made it harder for Boxers Benched ( I don’t know if that’s the right word) to go over sea’s or to another country to box. BUT it’s not enough. I think We should demand better medical standards for our Boxers. I don’t know what can be done and I think I know who I will talk to about it and Add more Later when I get more answers on what we can do.
AJ is Passionate about this topic.. Everything you read pertaining to boxing this book is true.. He himself lost a good Friend and Boxer and he made it one of his many goals to educate and help to make changes so no more boxers lives were lost in this sport. It is a pager turner you will not want to put this book down and I feel that it’s an Educational MUST read. OF course the Sex Is hot and our Boxer and his new lover are even hotter. Sweltering sex aside the Story is Real, heart Felt and really makes you think and want to get up and do something to help make a change. I can’t wait to read the Follow up (hint Hint AJ I want a book 2 please)

On a Scale of 1-100 for over all Reading I give it a 100!!!!! This is one of those books that you will read and come away changed.

On a Scale of 1-100 On hotness and Sex Over all I have to Give it a 101… I haven’t read an AJ Book that wasn’t Hot.