Black Point Forever - A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly Black Point Forever

Matt and Thomas have the life of their dreams. Successful writers and movie producers, they are the proud parents of baby Rose Elise Carter who is a dream child until she suddenly becomes gravely ill. Diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease, none of their family members are compatible donors for the little girl. Her surrogate mom has disappeared and can’t be found. Rose’s cousin Daphne is a match but is deemed too young to withstand the painful donor process.
When Matt bumps into Thomas’s long-lost love, Daniel, in a fit of torment he confesses their nightmare. Daniel offers to submit himself. He’s a match. Will Thomas fall once again for Daniel or will love, like Black Point, belong to Matt…forever?

OK I actually started planning this review 10pages into the books. I was so overcome by well many things. I was crying from laughter and I hadn’t even gotten to the sad part yet. Before I delve too far into my review for those of you who don’t know A.J’s and D.J’s Black Point books are what introduced me to Hawaii and The Love of both of these writers. I know I spend a lot of time gushing over A.J and his writings and I know it gets to be a tab bit much sometimes. But I honestly mean what I say about this talented man and his work. DJ is by no means a slouch in this writing world either. I knew from book one that AJ and DJ were meant to be together and low and behold they are. Not only are they my number one favorite writing team they themselves are a wonderful loving couple trying to make it work in a crazy little world. The Black Point is a crazy look in to the world of wonderful people and it is a series of books that shouldn’t be over looked. My suggestion to everyone if you haven’t read these books to please get them and read them…
I also want to highlight something very very important that AJ and DJ both Highlighted in this book and I hope they forgive me for the copy and paste but I can’t say it any better than they did.
“Black Point Forever is a work of fiction; however, the critical worldwide shortage of bone-marrow donations is not. Blood diseases are infecting children at an alarming rate and many are left waiting for blood that never arrives. Our story was inspired by an actual case in New Jersey. That baby is still waiting for a donor, unlike the baby in this story.
For blended families, this is a particularly heartbreaking dilemma. Thousands wait in vain sometimes for years for the perfect match. Please consider becoming a bone-marrow donor. You may just become a lifesaving hero to a sick child. It is painless, simple and requires a simple cheek swab. With so many sick and dying children in the world, their illnesses are usually curable via a blood donation. For further information, please check out these links: And http:/ -AJ and DJ”
There is nothing more important than kids and Family and we are parents and as a people should do everything in our power to help insure that they have a healthy and long future.

Ok now on to my Review. I want to start by saying OMFG!! I actually cried tears because I was laughing so hard... But to my defense it’s because I was envisioning AJ as Juan the Cabana boy… After that it was all tears of frustration, pain and sadness. AJ and DJ told a story that sadly many parents face on a daily basis but they told it with a style and grace that only these 2 people can. We meet Matt and Thomas again in their beautiful home on Black Point in Hawaii. Surrounded by family friends and a new baby they ring in the New Year with the same beauty and grace that they live their lives by. A sudden fever and odd looking diaper rash sends them and everyone around they whirling and no one’s lives will ever be the same again. Old Loves, New Rivals and their babies right for survival. Will all the Aloha that surrounds them make their love stranger or is there something more sinister and sad going to happen? Not going to tell you. This like so many of these writers books is a must read and sometimes the best way to understand is to experiencing the ride for yourself.

AJ and DJ have always put a bit of themselves into their Black Point Books. This time is no exception. I fell even more deeply in love with Matt and Thomas and the love and support of their family and friends always warms my cold heart. Black Point Forever lives up to its name, you will walk away from reading this book forever changed. It is Silver personal opinion that Black Point Forever is a must Read book for 2012.

I know I only seem to review Gay Erotic Fiction and its true 99% of what I read is just that. I try to review about the things that truly move me which is why you see AJ’s name so much. His books Move me when he writes the DJ they move me to tears. For those of you who are Squeamish about Male love it is easy to look past it to the story. 90% of the stories I read a person with a less open mind could over look or even skip over the sex and read the underlying stories that are there.

On a scale of 1-100 this book rates 100 and is now and will forever remain on New Top 10 list for 2012. This is a Must read for everyone who has followed this story from the beginning

On a scale of 1-100 on hotness I have to rate it 1,000 Just because of Juan the Cabana Virgin Cabana Boy (sorry can’t explain need to read it for yourself to understand why in the hell I find that so damn funny