Vagabond Heart - A.J. Llewellyn There are few times in my life that I can honestly say something has changed my life. There are even fewer books that have moved me or caused me to want to change my life or go out and change the world. I had the pleasure of Reading Vagabond Heart by AJ Llewellyn and I have to say it changed my life and moved me in ways I am still trying to explain. I love reading and reviewing A.J’s Books. Not just because he is a great friend and a wonderful Mentor to me but because his books move me and touch me in weird and special ways... However this book has moved me into wanting to do something... I don’t know what yet but I want to do something, more about that later in my review.
This is the synopsis of the book straight from the site.
Gay prostitute Tinder McCartney thought he had it made in WWII Honolulu…until true love and an attack on Pearl Harbor turned his life upside down.
Tinder McCartney is the only gay male prostitute working in Honolulu, HI during World War II. Like the 200 female prostitutes who live and work on Hotel Street, he services the armed forces drifting in and out of the islands. His life and work are controlled by the local police, yet because the cops don’t think that there can be that many ‘depraved’ men wanting the comfort of another man, Tinder is not only busy, but often in danger.
Living by very strict rules enforced by the police, Tinder cannot own or drive a car or bicycle, can’t ride street cars or be seen in the company of other men. He can’t visit bars or restaurants or swim at Waikiki Beach. Savagely attacked by two men one night, he is rescued by a local businessman, Jason Qui, the son of a Chinese immigrant and a former New England missionary.
Jason is not Tinder’s usual type. But Jason offers to protect and house him. It seems like the ideal business arrangement until Tinder’s Vagabond Heart can no longer handle the arrangement... and then on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor is attacked, turning the entire world upside down.
Let me start off by saying they never taught us this in School. I didn’t know that the American government and some Hawaiian officials took the way the rights of woman and men they themselves hired to sell themselves to navel and other military branches that came through. You don’t have to agree with or like prostitution but you need to see the bigger picture or at least the one that I came to understand by the end of this book.
These men and woman (I am in agreement that there had to be male prostitutes too) offered something that was needed greatly during this time. Many of these men died during this war either at Pearl Harbor or overseas. During their brief layover in Hawaii these men and woman offered love companionship and unquestioning understanding. Most of the woman came where brought in from Cali some were native Hawaiian’s others were just whomever else was there. These men and woman had three minutes to keep the line moving (hence the term minute men) Many came back time and time again and because of this they got to know them and confided their fears and their dreams to these men and woman.. These men and woman where a life line to young men just starting out as men in a war that was one of the bloodiest and scariest at that time in a lot of cases all they had. Immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor these same men and woman worked tirelessly side by side with everyone else to house and help the wounded in any way they could some even putting them at risk to do so.
Needless to say this book was an eye opener and a page turner... AJ went above and beyond and it shows. I also know that this book means a lot to him... He worked hard making sure that it was historically accrete. I think that he did a fantastic job. This book warmed my heart to because our Hero’s found love in a world full of rules, risk and lies. Vagabond Heart is heartwarming and Heart wrenching at the sometime. I laughed I cried and I want more.
On a Scale of 1-10 I rate this book to the infinity! Vagabond Heart is easily a MUST HAVE book!!!
On a Scale of Hot to Break out B.O.B I suggest you keep the B.O.B ready… I learned something New!!! (I had to Google Geisha Beads)
Over All and mean this from the very bottom of my heart Buy this book break out BOB and the Tissues and read!!! You will not regret getting this book and the next two in the series I feel are going to be just as Awesome!!! You will Walk away shaking your head and wanting more and I do so love when I am left wanting more!
I also walked away wanting to do something for the people of Hawaii. From talking to AJ it seems that Hotel Street and the surrounding area is looked upon as a black time in Hawaiian History. Not only for the Bombing of Pearl Harbor but because that is where all the whores were. It’s my wish now to figure out a way to help people see past that... Instead of looking at what these girls did for money look at what they did for the men. They were mothers, sisters and over all sometimes just a sounding boards. These young Soldiers told these men and woman their fears, their thought and their feelings... They helped these men in ways they needed it the most and I am not talking about the sex... They where emotionally there at a time they needed the most... They nursed some of these men from the brink of death… They were more than just whores. So much more than that and I think that everyone needs to see this…
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I think that this is one of those books you can look past the gay sex and see the bigger picture… If Gay erotic Fiction isn’t your thing that’s ok the love story involved transcends that.