Track - A.J. Llewellyn A.J. has ones again out done himself. Track, the lover of Paden, has assumed human form after the pair meets in the book Paden (Book 14, Phantom Lover series). Track tells Paden they can be together, but their love exacts a priceā€¦one that Paden is soon to learn can be dangerous and potentially deadly.

The thing about AJ Llewellyn when he writes about Hawaii you cannot mistake his love of the islands, their traditions and his need to bring up into this world and show us the old and sometimes forgotten ways. For me at least i am surrounded by the sites the sounds and the smells of the island... it's the closet i will get to a Hawaiian vacation. This Spin off of His Phantom Lover Series is as touching, heart wrenching and exciting as Phantom Lover was. I think that everyone will have a hard time putting this book down till the end.