Avenging Heart - A.J. Llewellyn Avenging Heart (Pearl Harbor Book 4) By AJ Llewellyn

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ISBN: 978-0-85715-949-6
Genre: Gay M/M Historical
Rating: Total –E- Burning Sexometer of a 2
Book Length: Novel
Reviewer: Silver Pixie
Book Summery:
Book four in the Pearl Harbor Series
World War Two brought them together...but a family's threat to take away Tinder and Jason's son, Christopher, could tear them apart.
Avenging Heart, follows Jason and Tinder's adventures in Honolulu in 1947.
The war is over, but the islands are slow to heal from the devastating ravages of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Jason and Tinder are part of the rebuilding effort. Tinder's stepmother is spearheading a growing movement of housewives who are keen to help their husbands bring home the bacon—it's a time of remembrance, hard work, fancy clothing, Tupperware and other intriguing new inventions.
Tinder and Jason, the proud parents of their five-year old son, Christopher, are shattered when his birth mother's family challenges their legal adoption of the child. His mother, Melody, a former working prostitute on Hotel Street, had been murdered, her sins long buried...until now.
The surprising discovery of her killer and the couple's desire, both for vengeance and to maintain the loving home Christopher has always known, make for nonstop twists and turns of Tinder's Avenging Heart.

Jason and Tinder are still trying to recover from the ravages of WWII. The Hawaiian Islands are still under the American Sovereignty and the Governor is pushing for statehood so that the atrocities perpetrated by the American military can brought to proper justice. Everyone in Jason and Tinder’s family is trying to put the past behind them. However sometimes the past has a way of catching up with everyone.
Tinder, Jason, their adopted son Christopher long with Tinder’s dad and step mother have picked up the pieces to their shattered lives and moved on, or so they thought. A telegram from Melody’s (Christopher’s birth and deceased mother) parents Christopher’s biological grandparents saying they are coming to take him home with them throws this unconventional family into a whirl wind of emotions first and for most to do whatever they need to too keep their family together at all costs. From the very beginning Jason made sure to have had the upper hand and with the help of some not so savory and some more savory friends Secrets don’t remain as such in Hawaii and the Question remains WHO’S secret will kill them and Which will set everyone free so Tinder, Jason and Christopher can have their Happily Ever After. Sadly I am not going to tell you have to read the book to find out.

What can I say honestly other then AJ has done it again! Hands down His Pearl Harbor Series is on my top 5 lists of series I cannot live without. Tinder and Jason suck you in from book one and don’t let you go until the 4th book. Avenging Heart lives up to its name and I cannot tell you enough to go out and buy this book. The love between Tinder Jason and their son Christopher is heart warming. The fact that they are a committed Gay couple post WWII and make it work gives me hope that despite all the evil vile cruelness in the world today there was a time that even though people chose to be ignorant of such things they let sleeping dogs lay. I also enjoyed the fact that like with this entire series even thought its fiction there is a level of truth and reality woven beautifully into it.

On my Erect Peni Scale of 1-10 I have to hands down give this book a 10. The sex Scenes are hot sexy and realistic when you have a child or 2 about. For a writer with just furry babies he understands the need to creativity to get nookie in when you can. He also clearly understood the frustration some parent’s face when having young active kids in the house. He is right sometimes it takes a village to raise a child but it has to be the right kind of Village.
On my Wait till Payday or Sell the Kids This book is hands down a sell the kids book. If you have read the other three books you will understand that this is a must have. You need to know how it ends. So sell off the kids on EBay and get this book as soon as you can