Pele's Fire - A.J. Llewellyn Pele’s Fire by: A.J. Llewellyn


Kimo Wilder, Honolulu’s hottest kahuna, longs for the simple life. He adores his husband, Lopaka, and their three rambunctious children, but sometimes he dreams of peace and quiet. When he and Lopaka watch Ferris Buellers Day Off on TV, Kimo becomes obsessed with taking it easy. He longs to relax, think about nothing more than having sex with Lopaka and eating candy. He reckons he could have been a swell fry cook on Venus…only Goddess Pele has other ideas.
After a frightening dream in which Kimo glimpses how his life would be had he never met Lopaka, he eases up on his workload and takes his husband out on a date to a local movie theater. It’s not something they normally do, neither is it a place they’ve frequented before. They encounter some unusual ghosts, which everybody but Lopaka can see and a haunting that, well…challenges all of Kimo’s notions of having a vacation…

Pele’s Fire is the 16th book in A.J Llewellyn’s Phantom Lover Series and I have to say I was tickled pink when I found out that Kimo and Lopaka where coming back in a book all their own. I Love that AJ has a spin off series (called Children of the Rainbow) But DAMN IT I WANT MY KIMO and LOPAKA!!! AJ doesn’t disappoint in this new Book Kimo leaves us asking What happens when the world’s best hula dancer obsessed with 80’s Movies Like Ferris Buellers Day off, Bonbons and wants a quiet summer vacation?
Kimo yearns for a simple life... Campy 80’s movies, bonbons, peace and quiet from super natural things and a lot of hot, steamy, dirty sex with his husband Lopaka and binding time with their children. What he gets on their very first date night in ages is a super natural handful of mischief and mayhem. Ghosts from the past invade the present and some wrongs need to be put right. With Pele their daughter and some intervention from the goddess Pele herself Our Dynamic duo are thrusted into a never ending sea of children, mischief and mayhem. Only to learn that sometimes you really need to be careful of what it is you wish for because you never know what Pele will give you.
Now on my Erect Peni Scale of 1-100 (I had to up my scale again) I have to give it a Solid 100! Kimo and Lopaka haven’t lost their edge for hot sex or each other. I also have to give AJ Props because only he can and would bring in one of the HOTTEST Porn stars into his books. (The wonderfully sexy Rafael Carreras) This book has what you come to expect from a Kimo and Lopaka book sex and lots and lots of it.

On my over all Amazingly Awesome Read Scale of 1-100 I again have to give this book full marks. It’s Hot, sexy, suspenseful and we learn more about Lopaka and Tutu. Sometimes in life it’s not the journey that matters but what happens as you take it. Tutu is now and always will be one of a kind and Lopaka’s love for her despite some pretty serious choices and mistakes is a testament to some of us who need to learn that forgiveness is divine and that we can learn from the past and grow into a better future.

For those of you who don’t know me don’t know my deep love for all of AJ’s Books. However His Phantom Lover Books have touched me far deeper than most... they have inspired a love and respect for the Hawaiian Islands even though I have never touched the sandy beaches or lush forests. AJ’s books (any of his Hawaiian based ones) take me to the Islands. I can feel, taste and experience Hawaii as if I was there. I highly recommend this or any of his books to anyone who wants a truly outer body experience to the Hawaiian Islands.