The Sex Ring - A.J. Llewellyn The Sex Ring

The Sex Ring By A.J Llewellyn

The Sex Ring is yet another book in a long Line of Great; Awesomely Amazing books my A.J Llewellyn. This book I think is one of this best yet not only because it takes place in his world but speaks volumes about how we as people under estimate the intelligence of our porn stars. Also I think it shows us that sometimes our own Guilt, failed pasts and the power of those who we loved and lost can sometimes over even death to make things right in our world.
Kristofer Edan doesn’t believe in ghosts… so why does he suddenly feel compelled to do, say and act in ways this shy young man never had in the past. Now the Proud owner of a Vintage Leather coat that once belonged to the late great Artist Rafeal Ortiz that comes with an Added surprise a beautifully designed Cock Ring hanging from its Epaulette. Having been graced with the Jacket in a second chance bid his new “toy” conjures up sexual dreams, hauntingly beautiful paintings and a love he never thought he would find or deserve after being left at the Altar.
A.J takes up into a world that is real and honest. He touched bases on things that make sense and really make you stop and take note of your own life and things going on in it. Of course there is hot dirty kinky sex… Just enough to keep you panting and wanting more… AJ has never ever disappointed me in his writing and this book is just one of his many many many stunningly beautiful. I love that He talks about real porn stars and real problems they have once they retire, make a comeback or just do what it that they do. We as normal people think that porn stars are just that sex addicts who love what they do… Ok well Most do love what they do what we as a people fail to see sometimes is that there is way more to them than sex.. Some of the greatest porn stars are Smart, stunningly intelligent and have talents outside of the bedroom. This book reminded me of that and for that I would like to thank AJ for that reminder.
For those of you who didn’t enjoy this book I think you should read it again with an open mind and see that sometimes it take a kick from the beyond to give us the strength to move on and find the things in our lives that we truly love and want.
AJ thank you for yet another book to treasure

Silver Pixies