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My Review of The Angel At The End Of The Road By: DJ Manly

The Angel At The End Of The Road By: DJ Manly



ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-531-8 (Electronic)

           ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-845-6 (Paperback)


Genre: Genres: Gay / Mystery / Detective / Suspense / Thriller / BDSM (Light)


Rating: Heat Level: 2

Length: Novel: (48k words / TBD paperback pages)



Reviewer: Silver Pixie/Sterling


Book Summery:


Freelance journalist Colton West can’t wait to finally end it with the rich and shallow Martin. Their relationship had been a mistake from the beginning. But just when Colton feels that he’s made it clear to Martin it’s over and he can move on with his life and career, he gets a phone call that will change his world forever.


Whitfield, Vermont, is the sleepy little town where Colton grew up, a town he couldn’t wait to leave. It’s also the place where his best high school friend was found murdered years before, left on a road outside town that goes nowhere. The killer was never caught, although a stoic old man named George Hill, who lived with his young grandson in the only house on that road, was considered by many to be the prime suspect and passed away several years later.


But now, another boy has been found dead at the end of that same lonely road, with his body eerily laid out in the same disturbing manner as Colton’s best friend. And this time, the victim is Colton’s fifteen-year-old nephew.


With the original murder suspect deceased, Colton knows the killer of both teenagers is still on the loose, perhaps preparing to strike again, and Colton won’t rest in his investigation until he unearths the whole, ugly truth.


It is a very rare occurrence that I can read a murder mystery and not puzzle out the killing in just a few chapters. While I had my suspicions at the beginning of The Angel At The End Of The Road and throughout the entire story I have to say that DJ Manly did a fantastic job of keeping me on the edge of my seat till the last chapter. The main Characters Colton and Adam were believable and realistic enough that I was drawn into their hardships as both adults and when they were children. DJ managed to take the sad mentality of some overly zealous religious freaks and throw in a plausible small town mentality and honestly gave one of the most believable stories I have read in a while. The Angel At The End Of The Road could have and very well may have been a murder mystery that happened in any number of small towns in America or sadly even Canada.

I don’t want to give anything away about this story, which is why I am not speaking about specifics in this book. I do honestly not want to give away hint or clues to what happens and the Summery clearly covers it better then I can.  I will say this its is Colton’s nephews death that brings him back home but it’s the towns secrets that will keep him and Adam there till the very end. DJ touches tastefully on dark childhood secrets that often times are hidden by those who trust the most and even those who claim to know us best don’t always know us or those around them as well as they thought. This is honestly DJ’s best work to date.


On a scale of 1-10 of hotness The Angel At The End Of The Road Gets a 7.. While it isn’t one of DJ Manly’s hottest books what it lacks in heat makes up in story and depth of content.


On a scale of 1-10 (1 being wait till pay day to buy this book and 10 being sell the children) SELL, SELL, SELL!!! This books Is a MUST, Must Read!! I cannot thank DJ enough for asking me to read and review this book.


In closing The Angel At The End Of The Road is simply a classic read. It is worthy of Agatha Christy Mystery! I can see this being the next big Made for TV special! Watch out TLC DJ Manly Has the next big thing Written here!  


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Mating Tomeo - A.J. Llewellyn Mating Tomeo By AJ Llewellyn


ISBN: 9781419940316

Genre: M/M Historical
Rating: Hot
Book Length: Short Novel
Reviewer: Silver Pixie
Book Summery:
In 1946 Hawaii, Tomeo Yamaguchi harbors a secret that would be considered shameful by his traditional Japanese family—he aches for the caress of other men.

Which makes it particularly devastating when Tomeo’s father hires a tanomoshi—a matchmaker—to find a bride for his son.

Tomeo spends time with the tanomoshi, Shin Yamada, and as the men come to know one another, deep feelings emerge, the transition from friends to lovers inevitable. They fall into a clandestine affair, their hushed and hidden lovemaking as beautiful and breathless in their eyes, as it is torrid in the eyes of others.

More time spent worshipping Tomeo’s body means less time finding him a suitable bride. Shin’s forsaking his duty…but mating Tomeo is worth every stolen second.

AJ once again takes us on a journey to Post World War Two; in this novel we meet Tomeo Yamaguchi. A beautiful sensitive man who truly harbors a secret that he doesn’t want or need his traditional Japanese family to ever find out. A secret that Shin Yamada the resident Japanese Tanomoshi himself understands and harbors himself. Can these two men Find happiness and love with each other or will Tomeo’s father keep driving them apart and into the arms of a bride back in their home land of Japan?
AJ once again weaves a wonderful tale of yearning and understanding in post WWII. Hawaii suffered greatly post WWII more then most people care to know or understand. They still in this day and age feel the effects and though its gotten better the islands still weep for their lost. Tomeo and Shin are 2 men who don’t conform to the norm of then or today but they found a way to make it work. Their love for each other, their families and the islands makes me yearn for them. They both want so much to please their families but not at the expense of each other or what they have. The question that begs asking is can their love be enough to keep them together or will they bow to tradition?

On My Erect Peni scale I Give Mating Tomeo 10+ This book is just hot enough to make me need a cold shower

On my Scale of Wait to pay day or Sell the Kids Mating Tomeo is a Sell the Kids on EBay and GET THIS BOOK!

The twists and turns in Mating Tomeo leave you panting and wanting more. I knew from page one that this was going to be another book I wouldn’t be able to put down and I couldn’t. It was a page-turner to the very end and left me wanting another Tomeo and Shin novel.

AJ is the type of writer that makes sure that everything about her stories is historically accurate. Mating Tomeo is no different AJ made sure everything about this story happened or at the very least feasible or possible. There are going to be those who doubt that in post WWII that there could have been (Spoiler Alert) “secret” Clubs catering to the Gay and Lesbian crowd. Before you go off the deep end saying its in possible look at American Gay and Lesbian history. It is not only possible it happened across the United States and is still happening today. It urks me to no end that people cant wrap their feeble little minds around the possibility of things because of the era something was. Sometimes that is the reason these things are possible.
Avenging Heart - A.J. Llewellyn Avenging Heart (Pearl Harbor Book 4) By AJ Llewellyn

ISBN: 978-0-85715-949-6
Genre: Gay M/M Historical
Rating: Total –E- Burning Sexometer of a 2
Book Length: Novel
Reviewer: Silver Pixie
Book Summery:
Book four in the Pearl Harbor Series
World War Two brought them together...but a family's threat to take away Tinder and Jason's son, Christopher, could tear them apart.
Avenging Heart, follows Jason and Tinder's adventures in Honolulu in 1947.
The war is over, but the islands are slow to heal from the devastating ravages of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Jason and Tinder are part of the rebuilding effort. Tinder's stepmother is spearheading a growing movement of housewives who are keen to help their husbands bring home the bacon—it's a time of remembrance, hard work, fancy clothing, Tupperware and other intriguing new inventions.
Tinder and Jason, the proud parents of their five-year old son, Christopher, are shattered when his birth mother's family challenges their legal adoption of the child. His mother, Melody, a former working prostitute on Hotel Street, had been murdered, her sins long buried...until now.
The surprising discovery of her killer and the couple's desire, both for vengeance and to maintain the loving home Christopher has always known, make for nonstop twists and turns of Tinder's Avenging Heart.

Jason and Tinder are still trying to recover from the ravages of WWII. The Hawaiian Islands are still under the American Sovereignty and the Governor is pushing for statehood so that the atrocities perpetrated by the American military can brought to proper justice. Everyone in Jason and Tinder’s family is trying to put the past behind them. However sometimes the past has a way of catching up with everyone.
Tinder, Jason, their adopted son Christopher long with Tinder’s dad and step mother have picked up the pieces to their shattered lives and moved on, or so they thought. A telegram from Melody’s (Christopher’s birth and deceased mother) parents Christopher’s biological grandparents saying they are coming to take him home with them throws this unconventional family into a whirl wind of emotions first and for most to do whatever they need to too keep their family together at all costs. From the very beginning Jason made sure to have had the upper hand and with the help of some not so savory and some more savory friends Secrets don’t remain as such in Hawaii and the Question remains WHO’S secret will kill them and Which will set everyone free so Tinder, Jason and Christopher can have their Happily Ever After. Sadly I am not going to tell you have to read the book to find out.

What can I say honestly other then AJ has done it again! Hands down His Pearl Harbor Series is on my top 5 lists of series I cannot live without. Tinder and Jason suck you in from book one and don’t let you go until the 4th book. Avenging Heart lives up to its name and I cannot tell you enough to go out and buy this book. The love between Tinder Jason and their son Christopher is heart warming. The fact that they are a committed Gay couple post WWII and make it work gives me hope that despite all the evil vile cruelness in the world today there was a time that even though people chose to be ignorant of such things they let sleeping dogs lay. I also enjoyed the fact that like with this entire series even thought its fiction there is a level of truth and reality woven beautifully into it.

On my Erect Peni Scale of 1-10 I have to hands down give this book a 10. The sex Scenes are hot sexy and realistic when you have a child or 2 about. For a writer with just furry babies he understands the need to creativity to get nookie in when you can. He also clearly understood the frustration some parent’s face when having young active kids in the house. He is right sometimes it takes a village to raise a child but it has to be the right kind of Village.
On my Wait till Payday or Sell the Kids This book is hands down a sell the kids book. If you have read the other three books you will understand that this is a must have. You need to know how it ends. So sell off the kids on EBay and get this book as soon as you can
Abandoned Paradise - A.J. Llewellyn Abandoned Paradise By A.J Llewellyn


ISBN: 13: 978-1-61124-264-5

Genre: Gay / Contemporary / Paranormal / Ghosts / Hauntings / Mystery / Interracial / Multicultural

Rating: 3

Book Length: Novel (42k words / TBD paperback pages)

Reviewer: Silver Pixie
Book Summery:
Alessandro Aikau, an anthropologist visiting Hawaii from Boston, has been given rare permission to spend a month on the abandoned and forbidden island of Kaho'olawe.
Kem, whose family has been entrusted with the sacred upkeep of this battered piece of paradise, at, first resents Alessandro's unusual assignment. As the two men come to know each other, Kem begins to realize that there is a deeper, mysterious meaning to the man's presence on the island. He begins to sense it is a ritual atonement. But for what?

Kem's kahuna parents won't divulge the secret, and neither will Alessandro, even as the two men become deeply attracted to one another and Alessandro suffers several bad accidents, faces continual sabotage, along with a strange invasion of the island.
Will Alessandro survive his twenty-eight-day ritual, and if so, can he find love with Kem in this abandoned paradise?

What do you get when you cross a hot ass Hawaiian anthropologist from Boston, a forbidden island and a man with a sacred mission? Well In Abandoned Paradise it’s the fixings for a hotter then hell love that truly to me is one for the ages. Alessandro is a broken man and like most broken men he knows he has to do something to change his luck. So he decides that the only way for him to be able to live happily ever after is to undo the harm that his late later ancestor did to the Forbidden Island of Kaho'olawe hundreds of years before. Will his Quest for redemption lead him to more then he ever expected? Kaho`olawe holds many secrets for both Alessandro and Kem but the question remains will those secrets lead to love or something more sinister?

Abandoned Paradise for me is one of the books for the ages. It has everything I could want in a book Hawaii, sex, Love, Mystery, sex. Did I say sex? There isn’t a whole a lot of sex. However sometimes it’s not the Quantity of sex that makes or breaks a book but the Quality of the sex. Abandoned Paradise doesn’t disappoint it has everything you come to expect and more from AJ Llewellyn. I loved everything about this book and like many of his other books it makes me want to visit there. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants something that’s romantic, funny, and spine tingly fun.

On my Erect Peni of Hotness Scale This book Gets a 10. Plain and Simple the sex, moments leading to sex, dreams of sex, everything about this book is sexy and hot.

Plain and simple Just sell the kids and Buy this book! I cannot say how awesome this book is enough. This is book truly is worth not waiting to get! SO go out and get this book NOW!
Relentless Passion - A.J. Llewellyn Relentless Passion By AJ Llewellyn


ISBN: 9781419931901

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance

Rating: HOT

Book Length: Novella

Reviewer: Silver Pixie

Book Summery: Twins Alex and Zeca love to switch identities. It’s harmless fun until Alex wants to date a hot tourist visiting their home of Capri, and asks Zeca to take his place on a date with Alex’s current beau, Antonio. After a day in Antonio’s arms—followed by a long, lusty weekend in his bed during a trip to Naples—Zeca discovers switching places with Alex isn’t so harmless after all. Especially when he realizes he’s falling hard for his brother’s boyfriend.

While struggling with his feelings for Antonio, consoling his semi-celebrity father (who’s having woman troubles) and trying not to upset Alex (who might be in love with Antonio…or his tourist tryst…or maybe the neighbor lady), Zeca wonders how any of them will make it through all the relationship woes with hearts intact.

As Antonio says, “Love has a way of fixing things itself.”

The wonderful thing about reading AJ Llewellyn’s books sometimes is his ability to transport his readers to exotic locations. Relentless Passion doesn’t disappoint. In this wonderful Novella we meet Identical twins Alex and Zeca. Like most Twins they are very much alike but different at the time same time. Alex is more outspoken, carefree and energetic of the 2. Like most Identical Twins they also dress alike and often switch places. However when Alex asks Zeca to Switch places with him so that he can date a new comer named Hugh to the island. Zeca finds out that maybe this time he has bitten off more then he can chew or has he finally met someone who can see him for who he really is?

I was sucked in straight from page one. There isn’t anything about this book I can complain about. Zeca and Alex were true to life Identical Twins with the same pros and cons of being identical Twins. Very few people can tell them apart despite their personality differences, and Alex is selfish and self absorbed. Zeca and Alex also have deep seeded love issues that I don’t want to talk too much about but affect them both emotionally and in Zeca’s case even physically. What I loved most about this book is Zeca’s undying loyalty to his brother even when faced with loosing his true love and even his heart. Antonio takes the brothers switching with grace and style most men wouldn’t. We also find out a little known secret about Antonio as to why he is ok with the switch.
On my Scale of Erect Peni Scale of Limp to Harder then a Rock (or 1-10) I give Relentless Passion a Harder then a rock Rating (a 10+++++++) Its Hot its sexy and it has a great story line what more can a girl ask for.
On my Scale of Wait till Pay Day Or Sell Your Children (Furry and other) sell them. I don’t honestly think that anyone should have to wait to read this book or the Follow up book Relentless Love!
Molokai Man - A.J. Llewellyn Molokai Man
Author: A.J Llewellyn
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Publish Date:
Genre: Contemporary / Paranormal/Exorcism / Thriller / Gay Romance
Cover art by:
Book Length: 116 pages
ISBN#: 978-1-55487-249-7
Reviewer: The one and Only Silver Pixie

Book Summery:

Uptight New York writer Jack Christie has just inherited his grandfather’s estate including a small publishing house he never knew Cameron Christie owned. Among Cameron’s papers are the deed to an old house on the remote island of Molokai --they call it the last Hawaiian Island -- and a court summons. Cameron Christie is being sued by relatives of one of the last remaining survivors of the former leper colony, Kalaupapa. Cameron published a journal sent to him by the man who relatives say could not have written the book since he does not have the use of his hands and is senile. In an effort to hold onto the small amount of money that he’s inherited, his grandfather’s hard-earned business, not to mention Cameron’s reputation, Jack reluctantly travels to Molokai to solve the mystery. This shut-down New Yorker encounters more than he bargained for on this island shaped by myth and magic in the form of Alaka’i a man who begins to appear in his dreams. His fantasy world with Alaka’i becomes more and more real, confusing and frightening Jack, who has always managed to keep his emotions under control.
Molokai was a gift to me from my SO because like all men he did something to piss me off and I was tickled I got to use the Kindle Fire to read it. This is one of a growing handful of books from AJ’s BM time (before me). I have been trying to keep up with the present to be worried about the Past lol.

In Molokai we met Jack, a struggling writer in the big bad city. He has a crappy apartment with noise berating him from outside construction and a vicious tenant above him that not only plays loud crappy music is sleeping with Jakes boyfriend. To make matters his grandfather up and dies suddenly leaving him a half of a huge apartment, what he thought was a grieving partner of many years, a publishing house he never knew about, a law suite and a House in Hawaii on an island that was so unlike his grandfather and a mystery man haunting his dreams and his waking conscious. Deciding that time away from the city and toxic people would be for the best Jack and his grandfathers grieving partner head for the islands too only find out that not everything is not like it seems.

Can Jack fix everything and find the man of his dreams or will secrets, lies and uncertainty do him, Hawaii has a away of revealing her secrets to those she deems worthy. Molokai had me biting my nails. I wanted and needed to know what happened. I refused to put it down so I picked a time when I knew all my kids were sleeping and I couldn’t be bothered. I was sucked in first page and there was no going back from there. My one and only disappointment and I hate to word it like that is I think it was too short. I wanted to know more I NEEDED to know more. Like any book you read of AJ’s based on the islands you know it’s going to be lush, intoxicating and highly educational. AJ have a wonderful talent for that and hot sex. Actually now that I think about it there is sexual tension but not hot Sex!!!! Know what this is a tenement to AJ’s writing skills. It took me 3days to realize there wasn’t any hot man sex in it… Sexual tension but not sex that I can remember!!!

On my Erect Peni Scale of 1-10 Even though there wasn’t AJ’s normal hot sexy sex I am going to give this book a 10 for HOT!!! I know it doesn’t make sense but when you read it you will know why I did this.

Lastly On my Must have Scale of Wait to Payday or Sell the Kids and/or Furry Babies… This is a no brainer sell, sell, sell, and Buy, buy , buy! Molokai is well worth the money to have.

Romancing the Devil - D.J. Manly Book Summery
Ex-priest Maurice Darrell once exorcised a demon from a condemned man. Tracy Ross is a young man presumed to be possessed by demons. Maurice has lost his faith, but the church still requires his services when the devil comes calling.
Lost and floundering, searching for his true self, Maurice Darrell once found comfort in the church as a priest but left after discovering he no longer agreed with the church's philosophy. The church, however, never lost sight of Maurice because he'd once been one of their most powerful exorcists.
When a prominent senator turns to the church to exorcise his son, the bishop asks Maurice to render an opinion.

Prone to odd behavior, Tracy Ross baffles the mental health professionals. Upon seeing Tracy, Maurice isn't sure if Tracy's behavior is a result of demon possession or the young man's determination to rebel against an all-controlling and uncompromising father.

Maurice has seen it all before, or has he?

Romancing the Devil pits a defrocked priest against incredible evil, bringing a lost young man peace and, ultimately, love.

Normally I would be giving my own summery of the book right here. I don’t know if I can summarize this book without giving too much away. Maurice isn’t what I would have expected of a fallen priest. He is sexy down to earth and has a true understanding of faith that it makes me ache. Tracy is struggling with a father who sadly fits the bill of many American politicians. Worries only about themselves and how others make them look. They don’t care about how there actions make others feel as long as they get what they want in the long run. Sadly Tracy’s Father Reminds me of Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney all rolled into one Evil vile despicable person. Tracy’s father is held captive by His undying faith on the words of Man not the word of god. He believed he was doing gods work when in fact he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and this is what will be the downfall of many in the end. To me DJ pointed out the difference between faith in the word of man and faith of God. WHICH are 2 Very Different things. You can Have a strong faith in God and not agree with everything that is written by man in the bible. I think many have forgotten that faith doesn’t come from a book it comes from within ones own heart. Men are fallible and are corrupt. Over the Centuries the bible has become more about mans word then Gods word. Some people who use the bible to thump their views into the American people are corrupt. They are tainted by their own version of what is right and wrong. They are tainted not by the love of god but the lust of power, money and greed. If nothing else I walked away from reading this book with a stronger sense of whom I need to put my faith in. Without giving away to much I want to sum up by saying DJ has Managed to summarize the downfall of the American people who are held captive by their religion and point out at least to me how faith can be found purely in the love of the right person. You will walk away from Reading this novel asking yourself is this were we are truly heading and CAN love really over come Evil in the end.

On my Erect Peni Scale of 1-10 of Hot sexiness I have to give Romancing the Devil 10+. This is despite the fact after a fairly good night sleep I realized there was a lot of sexual tensions but not a lot of Sex! Normally that would make me a very sad Pixie but It worked… too much sex would have taken away from the Message I feel is in the story for those who can see it.

On my Scale of Wait to Pay Day Or Sell the Babies- I have to say Sell the Babies!!! Go Buy this book and sit and read it in the place you plan on being when Rapture hits.

In closing I want to add on that this is a very well written book about many issues that many of us face everyday. More so what the Gay and Lesbian community faces. Especially those kids who come from Big Political families. Evil is all around us. We read about it every day in the news we see it in the eyes of children. Secrets, religion, and sometimes even our past allow evil to take over and take control. We are all the masters of our own choices in this world we need to ask ourselves can we learn from the past and move on to a better future or do we allow evil to keep rein and become the monsters that monsters made us?

Sins of Winter - D.J. Manly,  A.J. Llewellyn Sins of Winter
By A.J. Llewellyn | D.J. Manly | Serena Yates |

ISBN: 978-0-85715-894-9
Genre: Gay MM/ Contemporary/ Paranormal
Rating: HOT
Book Length: Anthology
Reviewer: Silver Pixie
Book Summery:
Book three in The Seven Deadly Sins Collection of Anthologies
The seven deadly sins: lust, wrath, greed, gluttony, envy, pride and sloth.
The Sins of Winter weaves a general thread of revelation loosely tying these tales together. Acedia (a precursor to sloth), Greed and Pride, are explored in these hot m/m tales involving action, burning hot sex and out-of-this-world adventures that will warm you!

'Toppling Pedestals' by D.J. Manly
In ‘Toppling Pedestals’, DJ Manly deals with the sin of pride.
The thought that there was something better out there took Tristan away...then pride almost broke his heart.
Tristan, Samuel and Casey had been friends since grade one. When Casey-the doctor’s son-goes off to university, Samuel and Tristan are left behind in their small hometown. Samuel comes from a poor background and has no money for school. He takes a job in the hardware store that Tristan’s parents own.
Tristan decides to work at the store for a year before joining Casey at school. He’s expected to run the store eventually but wants to explore what’s out there first. Breaking away from the town means breaking Samuel’s heart. When tragedy brings Tristan home again, will pride stand in the way of letting Samuel know how he feels?

'If Come' by A.J. Llewellyn
In If Come, AJ Llewellyn deals with the ancient deadly sin of acedia.
It was once considered the 'noonday demon'-a melancholia that is brought about by repetitive work. Writing, marriage and monkhood were the three main occupations said to induce it.
Zam Carmarthen is a mildly successful Hollywood screenwriter struggling with a debilitating depression that prevents him from completing anything he starts. When he lands an ‘If Come’ deal with a major Hollywood producer, he's finally forced to focus on his work and not give into the strange malaise gripping him. In order to ever move ahead in the movie business, he must complete the pilot episode of his proposed TV series, Angel Inn. If his producer is able to sell the series, Zam will be a very rich man. Everything he has worked for can be his.
Paralyzed by his depression, he finds unusual solace in the form of his arch nemesis, Dominic Glass-a surgeon turned super successful screenwriter...and the man who rewrote Zam's hit screenplay for his own glory.
Can Zam overcome the depression Dominic calls acedia, which threatens to derail his whole life? Can he move on from his long time sex buddy Jason? And what about these new feelings he has for Dominic in spite of their rocky history? Will Zam get it together...or will Dominic once again walk away with all the credit for something Zam created?

'Winter Challenge' by Serena Yates
In Winter Challenge, Serena Yates deals with the sin of greed.
Pediatrician Noah Goldwin receives some bad news-his father has died and his greedy elder brother doesn’t only take over the family business, he wants the entire fortune for himself. So, he informs Noah that he was adopted and washes his hands of him. Noah, who never knew of his, past, sets out to find his roots.
An elderly aunt, a mysterious ring and a location in the far north of Canada are his only hints...until he meets a tall, dark stranger who may have the solution to all his questions. There is only one problem-Ataro lives in a parallel dimension.
Will the two men be able to find a way to join forces? How will they defeat the power hungry enemies on Ataro’s world? And are inter-dimensional relationships even possible?

I loved Toppling Pedestals and it is one of the best Shorts I have read of DJ Manly’s in a while. I adore all of DJ’s novels don’t get me wrong but this book spoke to me. I have no use really for the 7 deadly sins but I do understand what it means to place someone on a Pedestal and not letting go of my pride long enough to tell then what they really mean to me. I understand what it means to loose a chance in life. For the record so I don’t sound stalkerish this loss has nothing to do with any writers past or present that I know… My Best Male Friend in high school who I was crushing on all 4yrs and I became close after high school. He helped me to rise my now 15yr daughter as his own. I let my pride over ride something good that I had and now I am left with what ifs. We lost touch for a long time but I had hit a low in my life so low that I reached out to the only person I thought could help. He and I have reconnected as best friends and that is enough for me. Tristan and Sam reminded me so much of my friend and I that it was sadly scary. Sometimes we don’t see that the best thing we have in life is right in front of us and it is sad that sometimes it takes something or someone else to show us what it is that we are missing and to give us the courage to let go of our pride and risk looking like an ass to tell someone what they mean to us.

In If Come, AJ Llewellyn deals with the ancient deadly sin of acedia. For those of you who don’t know what Acedia is it describes a state of listlessness or torpor, of not caring or not being concerned with one's position or condition in the world. It can lead to a state of being unable to perform one's duties in life. Its spiritual overtones make it related to but distinct from depression.[1] Acedia was originally noted as a problem among monks and other ascetics who maintained a solitary life. (wikipedia) This is a feeling many people I think suffer from and I know for me it’s debilitating sometimes. I cannot begin to rave about If Come by AJ. Again He has out done himself by making the readers put themselves in the book and experience the feelings Zam and Dominic are. Zam is crippled by his Acedia to the point that it threatens his well being. However we learn as the story goes on that in Hollywood new dogs are up to old tricks. I love how AJ leaves us wondering as to who is real and who is fake.. If Come is light hearted, deeply moving and brought tears of sadness and joy to me as I read it. By the end I had hope that Dreams do come true even in the glitter of Hollywood. However sometimes those dreams are better then we dream them to be when you find someone who loves accepts and understands you better then you do yourself.

Last But Never Least Winter Challenge By Serena Yates. I have to be honest but my experiences with Serena have all been books she has Co wrote with AJ Llewellyn together they have always been brilliant however I have to say after reading Winter Challenge she is truly on my Writers to buy from now on. This story is BRILLIANT!!!! Noah is a Pediatrician who finds out a secret he would never have expected and that secret leads him to Canada and the Man that he is connected to in ways his clinical mind had a hard time to wrap itself around. Ataro knew at a very young age that his heart connection was stolen from him. But it wasn’t until he was an adult that he realized how important this person really was to him and how connected they really were. When fate intervenes again and delivers his chosen to him Ataro and Noah realize that they are going to have to fight more then the unknown to stay together. Greed and jealousy threaten our new lovers. Will they be able to find those who seek to harm them or will they fail their Winter Challenge.

On my Erect Peni Scale of one to Ten As a WHOLE Sins of Winter Gets a 10+ Hands down Together DJ,AJ and Serena are Hotter then Hell!

Toppling Pedestals, as a stand-alone is a 10+++++++ DJ as always Knows His stuff and its hot, smart and touching. I CANNOT recommend this story more. This is a MUST READ!
If Come By AJ Llewellyn of course is a 10+++++as well. This story however does hold a special place in my heart. I cannot recommend this book more, As a stand alone or together with the others its well worth the read.

Winter Challenge By Serena Yates is 10++++++++ on my Erect Peni scale as well. It is rare for me to find a new writer that I love as much as I do AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly. I am privileged to have found someone else who is as talented, heart warming and sweet as Serena. I was touched by her story and many others will be as well.

In an effort to try and keep this review from being any longer then it already is I want to close this by Saying on my Scale of Wait to pay Day to Buy or Sell the Kids and/or Fur Babies. SELL, SELL, SELL, and Buy, Buy, Buy this book!!!!
Paper Valentine - A.J. Llewellyn Paper Valentine by AJ Llewellyn
ISBN: 978-0-85715-464-4
Genre: Victorian Era/ Gay MM
Rating: Burning
Book Length: Novella
Reviewer: The one and Only Silver Pixie

Book Summery:
London, 1840. At the height of Victorian hypocrisy, two men meet and fall in love. Their romance is forbidden, punishable even by death, but their passion blossoms thanks to a paper Valentine.
Saint Valentine’s Day has become a new and very popular day for lovers. Thousands of Londonites are clamouring for the ideal romantic gift. While men buy chocolate and posies, they yearn for something more unusual, more personal. Enterprising brothers Aldon and Samuel Barnaby hit upon the idea of paper Valentines, creating lavish presentations decorated with silk, lace, and paper flowers.
Aldon is fortunate to have his perfect valentine going to his expectant wife, Geneve, but Samuel still longs for his own true love, pouring his heart and soul into his beautiful creations. Samuel’s romantic verses inside his paper Valentines are in huge demand, yet not a single local girl can lay claim to his heart…because his passion lies not in a woman, but another man—Jude, a handsome but shy widower.

Jude's heart, haunted by grief, hasn't been ready to consider marriage again. But slowly, through his inclusion in the Barnaby family's lives...and his frequent excursions to stop and stare at the Barnabys’ shop window...he begins to wonder in what direction his future lies.
Can Samuel possibly allow his heart to explore love with another man? Could Jude ever love him in return? He sends Jude an exquisite, anonymous paper Valentine, not suspecting that his entire world is about to be turned upside down…

Just in time for Valentine’s Day I remembered an awesome love story that fits the season. In this AJ Llewellyn novel we meet Samuel and Jude. Both men fit the classic image you would have of London in the 1840’s. Samuel and his Brother Aldon are printers and hatch an idea to make paper Valentines for the people of London and sell them in their shop. Amidst this Samuel’s very pregnant sister in law Geneve tries as she feels is her duty to play match maker. What she and Samuels brother fails to realize is the grieving widower Jude has found love again but in the arms of someone who in all actuality could get him killed. Little known Historical Fact I learned in this book was buggery was illegal and punishable by death. In order for gay men to meet others some dressed as woman in places that were called Molly Houses. The Queen thought that woman were not capable of loving woman the same way so it was only illegal for men to fornicate or bugger as it seems to have been called. In the end confessions are made and promises kept. But the Question remains do Jude and Samuel get their Happy ending or will fear rule their hearts?

This was a short story for AJ and for all the 69 pages it was on my e-reader it was well worth the read. Of course like with most of AJ’s books I learned a lot about history, the fun stuff that most history teachers nowadays leave out of their lessons. I loved this sweet natured fun hearted book. It warmed my heart from the very first page. Jude’s and Samuel’s struggle was palatable and heart breaking at times. You honestly felt what the characters were feeling. You hurt for them when they hurt and you yearned for them when they yearned for each other. This is honestly something that is sometimes lacking in more mainstreamed books. I feel AJ has once again out done himself.
On a Scale of 1-10 on my erect peni scale I give AJ Llewellyn’s Paper Valentine a 10+++. It’s Hot Romantic and heartwarming this book didn’t need a lot of sex to make it sexy or hot. The lead up to the actual sex leaves you panting and wanting more.

On my scale of It Can Wait till Pay Day and Sell the Kids… Darlings sell the kids. This book honestly can be the best Valentine you can buy for yourself EVER!
Bunyip - A.J. Llewellyn Bunyip by A. J. Llewellyn
ISBN: 978-1-61124-233-1
Genre: Gay / Contemporary / Paranormal / Romantic Comedy
Rating: 3(this is the sites Rating mines higher)
Reviewer: The one and Only Silver Pixie

Book Summery
Forensic audio specialist Steve Maddox is a busy guy who has no time to date. Balancing a strenuous work schedule and time for his cat and dog, he's ecstatic when his best friend, Silvana, organizes a gay speed dating event, bringing into his life the magnetic and handsome criminal defense attorney, Alexio Manolis.
The two men hit it off instantly, with sparks bouncing off the walls of the Petersen Automotive Museum where the event is being held. Their conversation crackles until Alexio says he has a pet—a bunyip named Norman. Steve feels a little stupid. What the heck is a bunyip? He has no time to ask, though, since he's onto his next "date."
Alexio, however, pursues Steve and the two men start dating. Meanwhile, Steve googles bunyips and discovers they are mythical Australian creatures of Aboriginal legend. It's just impossible. Does this smart and sexy attorney really have an imaginary, violent pet? Or is "bunyip" slang for something else?
Alexio is tight-lipped and keeps putting off the meeting between Steve and his elusive pet. Soon Steve starts to worry when Alexio disappears into his basement all the time and has savage scratches on his body he says Norman gave him by accident.
Is Steve's fantastic, hot new lover absolutely crackers, or does the cantankerous bunyip actually exist?

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Is perfection too perfect??? Doesn’t a Mr. Right Always Have to have something wrong and can you live with something that makes the perfect someone not so perfect? These Questions and more await you in AJ’s new novel Bunyip. Steve Maddox is a Forensic Audio Specialist working for a wonderful production company and on a lark or maybe it was the shoving of a good friend he attends a Gay speed dating event, while weeding through all the duds Steve Meets Alexio, a hot Greek of a man who seems Prefect in almost every way. Well you know what they say about perfection. It’s never perfect and While Alexio is everything that Steve could have ever wanted in a man on a personal level. Even more on a sexual level there is that pesky little matter of Alexio’s Pet Bunyip. Can these too work through everything and get their happily ever after? Well you have to read it to find out.

OK!!!! I cannot recommend this book enough! There are many reasons why this book touches me personally. But I want to say if you know anything about the writer you know of his great love of his dearly departed Dog Venus. She has a starring role in this novel and AJ’s love for all things furry truly shines through every page. I have to also say that yes I did Google Bunyip and it tickles me when AJ sets out to teach something. Knowing how creative AJ’s mind is I wanted to know of this Bunyip was something from his active imagination or was it real! Low and behold the Aboriginals do have stories about them and they are an important part of their history (like Nessy, Fairies and Banshees are to others)

I feel that Bunyip is a step in a different direction for AJ as well. This book has everything in it that every other book of his has but it’s different too. There is always an element of truth or a story from his experiences in it But in Bunyip AJ is in it. I know your thinking I have gone off the deep end but it’s something you need to read for yourself. Maybe it’s because his love of Venus and how much it pained him to watch her slowly slip from him it for me make this book that much more real. By NO means did it make it less hot, sexy, Funny or entertaining... All those things and more are enhanced by the realism of his feelings.

On my Scale of 1-10 Erect Peni Bunyip gets a 10+++++++.. It doesn’t Lack for Hot Men, and even Hotter Sex! The Love and Attraction these men feel for each other nearly instantly is realistic and human while being whimsical and cute.

On my Scale of It can wait to pay Day and Sell the kids... Sorry Folks its Another Sell the damn kids and get this book!!! You will not be Sorry and At least you will get a couple hours of quiet to read before they are returned to sender lol.
Spectrum Skies - D.J. Manly Spectrum Skies by D.J. Manly
ISBN: 9781920502102
Genre: Fantasy, Gay, Ménage, Vampires, Werewolves
Reviewer: The one and Only Silver Pixie

Book Summery
When a new enemy comes out of the dark, the human head of the Human/Specs Enforcer Union is forced to work with his vampire counterpart. Can London put aside his dislike of Pascal St-Maurice to fight a common enemy?

Captain London Weaver hates the dark season, the time when the skies over Spectrum turn dark and stay that way for months. It's when all the crazies come out, and the humans are at a definite disadvantage.
When a new enemy comes out of the dark, London joins forces with his immortal counterpart, Captain Pascal St-Maurice, a vampire who, as far as London is concerned, is a fancy pants with no respect for anything.

In Pascal's opinion, London is anal, uptight, and prejudiced against his species. When they’re ordered to work together to confront a succubus that doesn't discriminate among victims, Pascal decides to make the best of it. However, that doesn't mean it's going to be easy.
Come and visit Spectrum Skies, a place where mortals and immortals have learned to live together in peace...or something like that.
CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains both MM and MMM scenes.

A Yummy Hot Human Cop Mets Yummy Hot self centered well dressed Vampire Cop and what do you get? A Match Made PERFRECTLY in Spectrum Skies! DJ has done it again!! Only DJ Manly can make being a vain vampire sexy hot and desirable! London our human police captain is hot sexy and got a hang up... He doesn’t much like Specs so much. Something (because I'm not telling) in his past has turned him against Vampires and then we have Vampire Captain Pascal St-Maurice is as vain as they come. He is good enough at his job but when a new and unforeseen enemy threatens not only the Humans but the Specs Alike our unlikely Duo has to save the day if they don’t kill each other or themselves first. We our unlikely pair work through their issues and comes together to bring down an unforeseen enemy or will they die trying?

DJ Manly has done it again. I swear DJ’s Vampires get hotter and hotter with every story. Throw in some Werewolves as well as various other supernatural specs and you have yourself one hell of a hot ass story. I know that by the time I put my e-reader down I couldn’t wait to see what happens next. Sometimes tells me that this dynamic duo can put Batman and Robin to shame. As always DJ’s Characters are believable. London is the picture perfect rumbled police Detective you see in all the movies and books. He loves his job and what he does for his community and only wants what’s best for others before his self.

Pascal St-Maurice is a Vampire unto himself, Cocky, self assured, Vain and Looks like the devils own in a pair of tight black leather pants. He takes want his wants and is use to getting his way... Well except when it comes to a certain pair of Twins in his care and a Human Detective he is secretly crushing for. When they are both faced with their past and present it’s interesting to see who comes to whose rescue when the chips are down.

On my Scale of Erect Peni of 1-10 DJ’s Spectrum Skies Gets a 10++ Sorry but DJ can make anything seem hot and sexy and His Vampires are to die for in my humble opinion. Both the main Characters are down and Dirty sexy men and their sex scenes are not different.

Now on my Scale of sell the Kids to buy this book and it can wait to pay day. Hands down Put the Kiddies on E-bay and get this book ASAP! This is the first book in a series of books and you don’t want to miss out and I look forward to all the books to come!!!
Candy G. - C. Zampa Candy G.
By C. Zampa

ISBN: 978-1-61581-826-6
Genre: M/M, Novellas, Mystery/Suspense
Rating: HOT
Reviewer: The one and Only Silver Pixie

Book Summery
What kind of man drives a bulletproof Mercedes and carries a high-powered pistol in the glove compartment along with his boyhood teddy bear? Candy G does, that’s who. Once the exclusive attorney for the most powerful drug lord in San Antonio, he turned his back on Teirso Flores and walked away. But at what price?

Moving on with his life despite the threat of Teirso’s revenge, Candy meets gorgeous, streetwise Carlos Alvarez, and thus begins a passionate love affair rife with danger, secrets, and specters from the past that just won’t let go. When truths are revealed, will the one thing that brought their worlds together be the test that strengthens their love or the knife that severs their bond forever?

What happens when a Mexican bad ass meets his match in a young fellow with a cocky attitude? You get Candy and Carlos. From the moment I started reading this book I was hooked. OMFG Candy is dangerous bad assed and a romantic at heart. When he first sets eyes on Carlos at his favorite restaurant, and after a year of cat and mouse games they hook up and Candy is smitten. He wants his cocky little street urchin in his home in his bed and at his side. Despite the danger it could bring them both. Carlos warms Candy’s heart even more when he turns him down flat when after one Magical night together Candy asks Carlos to move in with him. A frantic text message the next day sets Candy into a whirl wind when Carlos disappears for a month only to reappear on the other end of a phone conversation.
Secrets, drugs and possive drug lords threaten our lovers at every turn. Each page leaves you want to choke the life out of each of them and wanting to cuddle them close in the next. Candy G was the hardest hitting, sexy, novel I have read in a long time and honestly I have to Say C. Zampa is a writer I want to get to know better and read more of.
As many of you know I don’t often stray from the known realm of writers that I know and love. However I had the chance to befriend C. Zampa on Facebook and I offered to read this book and review it for her. I was pleasantly surprised and she has gained another loyal follower after this one novel. I hope she has more novels planned for Carlos and Candy because I can honestly say I would LOVE to see more of these characters. If any of her other books are even half as sexy and exciting I am sure I am going to need more time in my day for reading.

On Silver’s Erect Peni Scale of 1-10 I have to Give Candy G a 10 erect Peni!!! Candy is Dark Dangerous and heartwarming all at the same time. C. Zampa can write them hot deep and meaningful.
On my Scale of Sell the kids and By Now or it can wait till Pay day this is another Novel I have to say that you need to pack up your child (furry or not) SELL YOUR CHILD AND GET THIS BOOK!!!!!
I want to say again that I am thankful I took a chance on this new writer (well NEW to me) and I look forward to more books in the future from her.

Phantom Lover - A.J. Llewellyn An Awesome Review to Follow w/in the next few days... i have the flu

Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports - D.J. Manly Review of D.J. Manly's Extreme Sports

Title: Extreme Sports
Author: D.J. Manly
Publisher Amber Allure

ISBN: 13:978-1-61124-206-5 (electronic)

Genre: Gay/Sci-fi/Futuristic/BDSM/Ménage, Group Sex and lastly May Contain “Dubious Consent”

Rating: 10+in Hotness on my Erect Peni Scale and 10+(sell the kids to get this book) Scale

Reviewer: The one and Only Silver Pixie

Book Summery

Brand was chosen as a young man to become part of the supreme leader's security force. With a pass to see the Extreme Games competition one night, Brand becomes enamored with Tanner Chapale, one of the athletes. In spite of the curfew, and being just weeks away from graduation, Brand crashes the after-event party and finds his obsession. One night of extreme games in Tanner's room, and they both go their separate ways.

Seven years later, Brand is head of security for Haven 1's supreme leader, and Tanner is Extreme Sport Champion. When Tanner neglects to immediately visit the ruler upon his return, Brand is ordered to arrest him. Worried that Chapale will end up one of the ruler's sex slaves, he temporarily smoothes things over and goes to warn Chapale.

The sexual attraction is as hot as ever, and after resuming their extreme sexual activities, Brand agrees to escort Chapale to a dinner hosted by the ruler. But is Brand to become the unwitting pawn in a game where the rules haven't been laid out? And what extreme sports will Brand be expected to play in the ruler's private chambers?

DJ has managed to do it again. It is this girl’s opinion that no matter what it is that DJ manages to write about there are 3 things this girls is always guaranteed to need a cold shower and a change of panties when I am done reading. Extreme Sports doesn’t disappoint. The instant and long time attraction between Brand and Chapale is not only truly palatable it’s damn near edible!

There is a little bit of some rough BDSM sex in this book so if D/s makes your queasy you might not want to read this novel. DJ doesn’t delve do deeply into the Dom/submissive relationship but you know damn well who the boss is and how kinky the sex is wanted and needed. The truest thing said in DJ’s Novel is to make a great Dom one must experience what it’s like to be the sub. A lesson that Chapale went to great lengths to make sure Brand learned.
The only Question remains is does Brand learn the lesson or does all of Chapale’s hard work to get the man of his dreams all in vain?? I know the answer but this little book whore ain’t telling!! I SUGGEST you go out and get this book!

On a scale of 1-10 on my Erect Peni Scale this book is truly HOT as hell and is a 10+ at least… Sorry you can drive a nail in with how hot this book is… well in this girls humble book whoreish opinion at least lol.

On my Must have scale of 1-10 Extreme Sports is an EXTREMEly must have book! So sell the kids and run out ASAP and get it!!!!