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Tame - A.J. Llewellyn My Review of Tame By A.J. Llewellyn

by A. J. Llewellyn
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-192-1 (Electronic)

Cavan Carmichael has just transferred to LAPD from rural Oregon. It's Halloween and he's expecting...well, the unexpected, since it's the time of spooky things, and this is LA, after all. Nobody, however, could have predicted an animal abuse call that turns out to reveal a beaten, chained-up man in a garden shed.
Then comes the words that Cavan knows will haunt him for life: "Don't worry, I'm tame."
Cavan rescues the man who, underneath the bruises and blood, is very handsome. And mysterious. Nothing about the stranger adds up. Nothing he says makes sense. For every medical test the doctors perform, only more questions arise. When Ludo, as he insists he be called, is admitted to the hospital, he has grievous injuries inflicted by a despicable assailant via antique torture instruments.
Unbelievably, Ludo's injuries heal fast and Cavan, who visits the recuperating man, is astonished to find he is attracted and protective of the man. But can Cavan overlook the oddities, such as bristles under the man's tongue? The strange wolf hairs in his wounds? Is the most beautiful man Cavan has ever seen really...tame?

Cavan has not only an unusual name but an unusual family. His mother a retired cop picked up an unusual collecting habit that has left him and his sister scratching their heads. Add on an unusual call leading to the finding a man named Ludo chained abused and bleeding in a shed on an animal abuse call. What do you say to a man who is broken, bloodied, abused and incredibly sexy when he says “don’t worry I’m tame”? The Answer to all those questions takes you through a Wonder Book Called Tame By AJ Llewellyn.

This is AJ’s first attempt at a werewolf tale and I can honestly say that I hope like hell that there are more to follow. Ludo and Cavan are realistic characters who are believable, down to earth and relatable. If I didn’t know that this was a work of fiction I would have easily thought that they were real people. I have noticed with all of His works (even the ones he has co-wrote) AJ goes above and beyond to make his characters believable and relatable. Tame is no different. Cavan is a slightly broken man trying to pick up the pieces to his broken life only to be thrusted into something bigger than him. His family is nuts and this is relatable come on let’s be honest we all have friends and family who are nutters or do nutty things. However I would like to point out that I personally think AJ watches Way to Much of Hoarders.

Without giving to much away I can say that every little thing that happenes and doesn’t happen is relative to the story. Tame like so many of AJ’s books leaves you wanting more. Tame is a breathtakingly haunting story about finding your way in a crazy world and being ok with it. It’s about finding love in the most inconvenient of places (hmmm PLOT idea for DJ’s Next Inconvenient Love Novel). But mostly I think its about believing in the unbelievable and understanding the things in life that are sometimes hard to understand.

On my Erect Peni Scale of 1-10 Tame deserves 10 erect Peni and a cold shower warning. Even though there isn’t as much HOT Steamy Sex in this shorter story… What is there Is HOT as Hell and leave you in need of a cold shower.

On my Need to Have scale (remember 1 is it can wait till payday and 10 sell the kids) this is a 10... Sell the kids (furry or real) this is a Must read!!

On a side note I would like to mention that this is one of many books in a collection of shorts for Halloween Called Howling at the Moon. There are some AWESOME writers that I have had the pleasure of reading before. You can find the whole Collection here

Amber Quill is an Awesome Publisher because they not only Release the Anthology they release the singles at the same time. That way you don’t have to read someone you don’t know HOWEVER I WANT TO HIGHLY Suggest to all my Readers to get the whole series. The writers are TOP notch and all deserve a shout out.
Come By Chance - A.J. Llewellyn Come By Chance
A.J. Llewellyn Come By Chance

When photographer’s assistant Gary Holland meets three Australian underpants models—all called Bruce—on what should be a routine shoot in LA, it turns out to be anything but. He falls for the geekiest, yet sexiest, Bruce of them all, but soon learns Bruce has not only never been with another man but is an anxious virgin.

Bruce lives in the whimsically named town of Come By Chance in northern New South Wales, population 178. After a torrid fling starts in California, Bruce wants Gary to visit him in the land down under. Shocks, laughter, love, a shy kangaroo named Phillip, a goose called Zeus and a tractor that thinks it’s a horse, soon welcome Gary to a life he never thought he’d want to live. Can two men who are such opposites make a life together? Does love like this really…come by chance?

When I first saw the title of AJ’s New book Come By Chance.. My First thought was OHHHHHHH AJ’s writing something Dirty!!! I got excited well more than I normally do lol… Anyways when I finally sat down to read it I realized Our Aussie writer was taking us in a trip down Memory lane. Come By Chance is a Town in Australia... Actually the book took me down a stroll of memories because he talked about places Like a Thrift shop called St. Vincent DePaul’s. Growing up in Syracuse NY we had many of them around and often got some of the apartments we lived in as kids furnished by them. I loved this story. The Inspiration for it came from Good Reads and I was thrilled to see that he expanded on the original and once again AJ didn’t disappoint. Come By Chance is as hot and sexy as any of his others.

The story picks up after AJ’s Original story. Gary has packed up and traveled from Sunny Warm California to the Hot Humid country of Australia. Gary is sitting in an airport waiting for Bruce A Hot Hung Aussie who’s down to earth and geek who has turned Gary’s quiet life upside down. Bruce is keeping some secrets and the smart geeky Aussie might need to let go of his fears of being a poof and openly embrace the gay man that he is. They share some hot sex all over Australia and finally go home to Come By Chance just in time for the Come By Chance Picnic races; to meet a shy Kangaroo named Philip and realize that love sometimes comes by chance.

Like all AJ Novels you come to expect Sex... This book doesn’t disappoint. Not only does this book rate a 100 on my Erect Peni scale I have to give this book an A++++++ for just the sheer beauty that is the land down other. I learned so much about Oz (except why it’s called OZ *note the Hint there AJ*) that it’s now on my top ten places I want to see before I die. Thanks AJ *giggles*
This is another Must Have Book of AJ’s and on my scale of 1-10 (1 being it can wait for Payday and 10 being SELL THE KIDS (furry and other) and BUT this book) this book is a 10!!! You need to pawn the Children and get this book!!!!!!
House of Simeon - D.J. Manly LOVED LOVED LOVED this book!! DJ Manly Did a Wonderful Job of writing Gladiators!! Cant wait to get the others and read them(will write a better review later)
The Camino - A.J. Llewellyn The Camino
By : A. J. Llewellyn | Other books by A. J. Llewellyn

Published By : eXtasy Books

ISBN # : 978-1-55487-947-2

Antonio, a California seminarian meets the man of his dreams during a walking tour of Spain. Little does he know...handsome Jeb is a storm demon?

Each year thousands of people make a spiritual journey called The Camino, an ancient walk through Europe, crisscrossing through France, Portugal and Spain. For two very different men, the trip has special dangers and attractions. Antonio is one step away from becoming a transitional deacon, the final phase before becoming a priest, but feels his newfound desire for other men violates his chosen vocation.

His nighttime dreams reveal a man he is passionate about, but to his amazement, he looks just like Jeb, a very handsome, mysterious man who is questioning things in his own life. How can Antonio be in love with someone who worships evil? And why is Jeb walking the path of The Camino?

Antonio is loveable, likeable and very much like many people in this world trying to find his way in a world that doesn’t always accept people different than themselves. In other words he is struggling with his sexuality. He knows that he is gay but he doesn’t know how god could love him because of it so he takes a vacation... His quest to find himself leads him to discover that sometimes Evil doesn’t come in the form you think it does nor is Evil always what you expect it to be.

Jeb in life was a special person who loved God and family. For those reasons he bargained with the devil. However being a storm demon and watcher turn out to be harder than expected and Jeb learns that even his bargain with Satan himself couldn’t erase the beautiful nature within himself he can no longer see. When he is punished for interfering in something he was forbidden to interfere with so as punishment he is dumped latterly into the middle of The Running of the Bulls on Spain. No money, No Identification Jeb wanders around until he finds the one person he would give his life to protect.

Love, Lust, Danger, a horny angel and revelations surround Jeb and Antonio can they untangle all the lies and find their happily ever after??? I’m not going to tell you!!!!!!! Go get the Book and Find out….

Like all of AJ’s books The Camino pulled me in and wouldn’t let me go until I finished it. Again he takes up to beautiful forgotten places that truly leave you longing to visit... I know that now some time in my life I want to walk the Camino and have a life changing pilgrimage myself. Honestly The Camino is on my list of books that have changed my life… AJ has a way to really latch on and show us a person’s struggle and make us feel it as deeply as if it was our own struggle. This is truly a master piece and a book I think AJ should truly be proud of.

The Camino seemed shorter that normal for AJ (this could be because it was a page turner and I couldn’t nor would I put it down and I am a mom of 4 wonderful little heathens) If I could recommend a starter book if your New to AJ’s writing this would be one other my top 3. The Sex is hot but the story itself is hotter. Over all like most of my reviews of AJ’s books it’s a Keeper! I can’t help it He honestly cannot write a bad book.

On my Erect Peni Scale of 1-10 for Sex and Overall Hotness I have to give it a 10!!! This is one I recommend a cold shower and no panties for... Hell if you can read it naked in a cold bath tub.
On my scale of Overall Must have I have to rate this at a MUST MUST MUST have. On a Scale of 1-10 Again a 10... Get this book if you haven’t!!!!!

In closing I want to say that The Camino is not only a wonderful book to read I highly suggest looking into checking out the real Camino and having a life altering experience for the mind body and Soul.
Kaleidoscope - A.J. Llewellyn
By A.J. Llewellyn
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-159-4 (Electronic)

Teddy Bardin Marries Aususte, whom he thought was the man of his dreams, and to start a new life with his husband, he moved from New York in Paris, the city of light. Now, on a rainy afternoon, a life- shattering telephone call arrives, and Teddy learns that Auguste has been in a car accident.

After racing to the hospital to visit his stricken husband, Teddy is in for another emotional shock --- listed among Auguste’s injuries is a nearly severed penis. It comes as an even bigger surprise when Teddy learns that Auguste was with another man who was orally pleasuring him at the moment of impact. And that’s only the beginning in a series of heartbreaking discoveries.
Teddy quickly comes to realize he must make some tough decisions about his future, especially about his marriage and unfaithful husband… and also his growing obsession with Pierre, the other important man in Auguste’s life…

Teddy is a loveable, honest genuine person who truly cares about those closest to him. When he arrives at the hospital and finds out that his husband Aususte has cheated on him it is like his world is ripped out from under him and he flounders for only a moment. In a display that I can honestly say is inspirational he picks himself up and gathers information for himself when he realizes that those closest to him are now hiding things from him. Packing himself up Teddy moves on and starts the pain for path of putting one foot in front of the other and move on with is life. He feels that for him the best way to do this is to confront Pierre the person thinks is the cause of all his issues and the reason for his destroyed marriage. Only to Find that is not the case and finds out sometimes the best and most beautiful Kaleidoscope in life is found not in what you think you have but in the little things most people don’t see.
Pierre is a hard working Waiter who had dreams of grander things. His dangerous love for a man who he has had an on again off again relationship with ends when he nearly severs Aususte’s penis off in a motor vehicle accident Furthering harming an injury cause when Pierre tried to end his life. When a not so change meeting with the man who was married to his lover and an accident at work cause both Pierre and Teddy to realize that love really is a Kaleidoscope… And sometimes the best things in life can be found in the worse ways.
Kaleidoscope was honestly one of the most heartwarming novels I have read recently. AJ have again shown us sometimes true love can be found in the smallest of places and come out of the worst things in the world. Teddy and Pierre inspired me to believe in true love, love at first sight and just the beauty of the littlest things. These two people met through the worst possible way. And Teddy Sadly was played by people he thought card for him. Yet through it all he stayed true to his patients and himself and moved on and found the love he wanted all along.

On my Erect Peni scale of 1-10 for sexual hotness I will give it a 10 still… Even though this isn’t AJ’s normal brand of sexy hot man love The tenderness and creative use of flavored lube still makes it HOT!!!!
On my Must have scale of 1-10 Kaleidoscope is a MUST READ and a MUST HAVE!!!!!
This is truly a short story worth the Read!
Pele's Fire - A.J. Llewellyn Pele’s Fire by: A.J. Llewellyn


Kimo Wilder, Honolulu’s hottest kahuna, longs for the simple life. He adores his husband, Lopaka, and their three rambunctious children, but sometimes he dreams of peace and quiet. When he and Lopaka watch Ferris Buellers Day Off on TV, Kimo becomes obsessed with taking it easy. He longs to relax, think about nothing more than having sex with Lopaka and eating candy. He reckons he could have been a swell fry cook on Venus…only Goddess Pele has other ideas.
After a frightening dream in which Kimo glimpses how his life would be had he never met Lopaka, he eases up on his workload and takes his husband out on a date to a local movie theater. It’s not something they normally do, neither is it a place they’ve frequented before. They encounter some unusual ghosts, which everybody but Lopaka can see and a haunting that, well…challenges all of Kimo’s notions of having a vacation…

Pele’s Fire is the 16th book in A.J Llewellyn’s Phantom Lover Series and I have to say I was tickled pink when I found out that Kimo and Lopaka where coming back in a book all their own. I Love that AJ has a spin off series (called Children of the Rainbow) But DAMN IT I WANT MY KIMO and LOPAKA!!! AJ doesn’t disappoint in this new Book Kimo leaves us asking What happens when the world’s best hula dancer obsessed with 80’s Movies Like Ferris Buellers Day off, Bonbons and wants a quiet summer vacation?
Kimo yearns for a simple life... Campy 80’s movies, bonbons, peace and quiet from super natural things and a lot of hot, steamy, dirty sex with his husband Lopaka and binding time with their children. What he gets on their very first date night in ages is a super natural handful of mischief and mayhem. Ghosts from the past invade the present and some wrongs need to be put right. With Pele their daughter and some intervention from the goddess Pele herself Our Dynamic duo are thrusted into a never ending sea of children, mischief and mayhem. Only to learn that sometimes you really need to be careful of what it is you wish for because you never know what Pele will give you.
Now on my Erect Peni Scale of 1-100 (I had to up my scale again) I have to give it a Solid 100! Kimo and Lopaka haven’t lost their edge for hot sex or each other. I also have to give AJ Props because only he can and would bring in one of the HOTTEST Porn stars into his books. (The wonderfully sexy Rafael Carreras) This book has what you come to expect from a Kimo and Lopaka book sex and lots and lots of it.

On my over all Amazingly Awesome Read Scale of 1-100 I again have to give this book full marks. It’s Hot, sexy, suspenseful and we learn more about Lopaka and Tutu. Sometimes in life it’s not the journey that matters but what happens as you take it. Tutu is now and always will be one of a kind and Lopaka’s love for her despite some pretty serious choices and mistakes is a testament to some of us who need to learn that forgiveness is divine and that we can learn from the past and grow into a better future.

For those of you who don’t know me don’t know my deep love for all of AJ’s Books. However His Phantom Lover Books have touched me far deeper than most... they have inspired a love and respect for the Hawaiian Islands even though I have never touched the sandy beaches or lush forests. AJ’s books (any of his Hawaiian based ones) take me to the Islands. I can feel, taste and experience Hawaii as if I was there. I highly recommend this or any of his books to anyone who wants a truly outer body experience to the Hawaiian Islands.
Love Most Inconvenient - D.J. Manly Love Most Inconvenient By DJ Manly

Love Most Inconvenient is the first of 3 books of the same name, this one is three different stories of finding love when you least expect it and sometimes at the most inconvenient times.

The First of three stories is called No Vacancy. Here we met Manuel and John. Two complete opposites. Manuel is your typical hot built Cop and John is a budding Movie star looks and appearances are everything to him. Their first meeting was far from perfect. Manuel gets locked out of his own apartment nothing unusual being the resourceful cop that his was and not having talked to his roommate in a while he lets himself into his bedroom through a window. There His head is formally introduced to a Louie Ville Slugger. If first impressions are anything to go by John was not impressed by his late night Visitor. However sometimes things are not always as they appear and when you look past a person’s outsides you never know love just might find you.

Next in the Series is Right Before My Eyes. Here we meet Paul and Marco Delino. Paul works for WYRT Radio as a paper pusher (accounts and such) and the ever talented and dazzling Marco is the stations #1 Rock Jock; He is sex on a stick. Tall, Dark Handsome , a sexy smile that got him anything he wanted , voice that could make butter melt and surprisingly down to earth. He is everything a man could want and everything a smart man should stay away from or is He? After helping him on his very first day of work they go out for drinks after work and maybe something more? However a chance meeting with the man whose job Paul got at Marco’s apartment sends Paul running and though they stay good friends Paul can’t help but wonder what might have been. Time a bad relationship, losing his own apartment and having to move into Marco’s starts to take its toll. Can Paul Find his Rock and Roll dream or is Marco going to fade into Rock and Roll Heaven? Sometimes you have to make your own music to find your way.

Finally we come to My Name is Dane. Here we meet Mild mannered Veterinarian Mark. Mark’s Family isn’t normal, than again who’s is? However in this story his older brother Mark’s got a plain to say his oh so innocent sisters’ virtue is at stake so they go to kind the Cade who besmirched her honor and knocked her up. Well that doesn’t work out as planned and Christopher Hawkins doesn’t know what hit him or well in Mark’s cause preached to death. The man they brace knuckle and injected with heavens knows what fits the description their sister gave them but is it the right man? Here we have everything a person can love a well meaning brother caught between a rock and hard place. This man says His name is Dane but can he trust what his heart tells him or is his not good brother the little mobster he thinks he is right? Things take a turn for the worst when The Real Christopher shows up things take a turn for the worst or the best. Sometimes the worst circumstances love finds a way of happening.

I have never ever read a bad DJ Manly book. I have had the pleasure of reading a lot of his work. Honestly he was one of the first writers I was introduced too book wise and I am glad I never looked back. In Love Most Inconvenient is a wonderful light hearted love stories. Each book shows us something that we sometimes take for granted like first impressions aren’t always right, Sometimes the thing we need to most is right in front of us and last but not least some things aren’t always as they appear and you need to trust that yourself and your inner voice.

On a Scale of 1-10 erect Peni I have to give this book 10 erect Peni the sex is hot as hell and require a cold shower afterwards.

On a scale of 1-10 on my must have /must read scale this book is off the scale I don’t think that anyone out there could dislike this book.
I think that these books are well worth the time and the read and can be found at
The Love God Of Indian Frybread - A. J. Llewellyn The Love God of Indian Frybread by A. J. Llewellyn

Yummy Sweets, Sexy Mummies and a Ouija boards! What more can a girl ask for in a book??? Well for this girl not a whole hell of a lot more. The Love God of Indian Frybread is to me a Classic AJ Llewellyn novel… It’s sweet, funny, sexy, and has food sex. AJ have this innate ability to sweep a person into his novels, teach them something random about Ancient History, food, Or Old Hollywood they might not have known before...

The Love God of Indian Frybread doesn’t fail to suck you in and keep you on edge till the very end... You truly feel what everyone is going through… Finding what feels like true love only to have that person do something Odd too, trying to impress and win a childs affection when they don’t share the same interests you do. This book really makes you ask yourself what I would do if….

I enjoyed this book more that I thought I might... I try to not judge a book by its cover and when I think AJ and Mummies something hotter and less creepy comes to mind... However don’t let the cover scare you this book is truly classic AJ HOTNESS…

Ever is to me a Classic hopeless romantic even if he doesn’t realize it..All he wants is for Love and Luck to shine in his direction and he is answered with Chris. Who isn’t what Ever was expecting but is he what he needs? Can first impressions be deceiving? Well I ain't telling!!! However what I will tell you is AJ Finds some very new and Very Different uses for his favorite food Cupcakes!I don’t want to give away anything about this book other than if you Love Mummies, Old Hollywood,Cupcakes and sex than this book is worth getting and reading... I highly recommend it and think all of you will love it too…

On my New Peni Scale I have to give this Book a 10 plus erect Peni for its use of food, creative use of a Condom and Just plain hot dirty sex. I also have to give AJ props for creative use of Cupcakes.

On a Scale of 1-100 for Hotness I give The Love God of Indian Frybread a 99.9 ( I took away a fraction of a point because of AJ creative but non sexual use of a Cupcake) But Over all this book IS HOT and will leave you fanning and panting with need and hotness..

Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors - A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly Nibiru Vampire Warriors - Chp. Two

by A.J. Llewellyn | D.J. Manly
Chapter two in the Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors Series

AJ and DJ pick up where they left off in book one Zero and Stride are at each other’s throats as well as putting a name to their unknown threat. Comes to Find out Zero isn’t the only who hates Stride and wants him dead… Well maybe Zero doesn’t want him dead *yet*. This book as is action packed and full of secret being reveled as well as the blood slave getting his own blood slave… Hmmm wonder how this one is going to end... I really don’t want to give away anything to those of you who haven’t read this books yet but let me tell you if you haven’t You really need too.. Every time I think Vampires can’t get any sexier they go and prove me wrong. Zero and Stride’s Need for and hate of each other is so palatable you can honestly taste it. They answer so many questions from book one only to leave you asking more questions in a good way... If I didn’t know that book three was coming out soon I swear to you I would be hunting me some writers!!!!! I GOTTA WANNA…. NO I NEEEEEEEEED to KNOW what is going to happen next!!!! I need to know who gets the happily ever after, who gets themselves dead and who the Real Blood Slave really will be… Because in my opinion sometimes the best slave to be is a slave to love….
When it comes to action suspense and Romance you can’t beat this book… AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly have yet again made a timeless classic that I can honestly see standing the Test of time… Ann Rice, JR Ward and Bram Stoker look out you have 2 of the most talented writers I have ever been graced with reading hot on your tails. This book leaves you not only wanting more but NEEDING more and in this day and age of Sparkly glittery girlie vampires it’s nice to be reminded that there are still hot, sexy, down and dirty over all REAL vampires still left in this world.
I give this book a whopping 10 Peni up for Sexy Hot Dirty Kinky Vampire sex… Again sometimes it’s not the Quantity of sex but how well and hot how it is. When AJ and DJ Pair Up any sex is hot sex... Again I think this book proves just that!!
For over all Read I Recommend this book Whole Heartedly. If you haven’t read the Chapter 1 get it and read it!! This book is worth following unconditionally!!! So out of 10 possible must have this book Rates at Over 100% a MUST HAVE AND MUST READ!!!
I know it seems like I girlie gush when I review books but when I love something I love it whole heartedly and AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly Have never wrote a book together or Separate that I haven’t loved.. I feel that they deserve every gush, Squeal and Peni Salute I have in me! I will encourage anyone and EVERYONE to go out and get their books and READ READ READ them!!!!
Nibiru Vampire Warriors - Chapter One - D.J. Manly,  A.J. Llewellyn BLOOD SLAVE
Nibiru Vampire Warriors - Chp. One
by A.J. Llewellyn | D.J. Manly


Chapter one in the Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors Series

Zero struggles to resist becoming Stride’s blood slave but can he also resist the burning lust the cold hearted fiend is arousing in his very soul?
Nibiru, known by some as Planet X, is poised to strike earth and wipe out everything in its path. Stride, a solitary vampire with powers delivered down to him through his sorceress mother, senses its arrival. And he intends to survive…to escape to the planet itself in hopes that he will find a blood source there.
What Stride finds is a desolate place with no life in sight. Then he sees him, the vampire who sought him out on earth just before the disaster struck, the one who told him…there are only two. Only two vampires with no humans to be found means only one thing, only one of them can survive.
Zero knows it’s only a matter of time before he becomes Stride’s blood slave. His ship crashed on Nibiru, and his human lover perished, leaving him alone and vulnerable. And Stride is tracking him in a deadly game of cat and mouse, determined to survive.

I love love love AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly books. When I got this book I didn’t even house the thought that I wouldn’t love this book too. However Love isn’t a big enough word to express how much I loved and adored this book and I can NOT wait Wait WAIT for the next installment.. As a matter of fact I thought I was going to have to go writer hunting because I didn’t like how I was left hanging!!! I'm a girl who loves her vampires and like most I don’t like to be kept waiting lol. Stride and Zero are Hot ass fucking vampires that are literally trying to figure out how to survive on just each other IF they don’t kill each other first.. I love their love hate relationship. I Love that every time Stride thinks he's winning and has himself a blood slave Zero proves that he is a force to be reckoned with himself. The Question s that leave us hanging on the edge of our seats are WILL they Kill each other? Will Unseen forces Kill them? Will they Embrace what they have and survive it all?? Who will be the others Blood Slave in the end or Will they settle for being a slave to each other? These Questions and SO many more await you in this book...

I bet your wonder how can a book that leaves you with so many questions be such an awesome book? Simple They leave you not only wanting to know more but NEEDING to know more!! You will be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next installment!!! It's Like Twilight Mets Harry Potter Only Wait Better with Hotter Vampires that don’t Glitter and some Hot ass Male on Male sex. I encourage any true vampire love out there to read this and all the books that follow. AJ and DJ have never ever written a disappointing Vampire story and I don’t think they ever will.

Even though its not as long as many of their other books on a scale of 1-100 of my MUST FUCKING READ Scale I give it a 100+.... This is one of those shorts even though you know its going to leave ya hanging with a Happily Ever Right now you know your in for a Happily Ever After in the end..

Again For a first installment This book rates on my scale of Cold Fish to Read while in a cold Tube.... Fill the tube ladies and gentleman cause the sex is hot and the fantasies and innuendo’s are even Hotter.
Over all I feel truly blessed to have been able to not only read this book but to be able to review it as well....AJ and DJ are the kind of writers you have to follow their books.. This is one one of many you will become addicted too..Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors
Xu - A.J. Llewellyn Xu
by A. J. Llewellyn

Fight or flight? This has always been the way of Lindo Santiago’s life, and he has always chosen to fight. He has prepared for world championship boxing glory his entire career. From the Mexican slums to the hard streets of Hollywood, he gave it everything. Lindo thought he was ready until his world title shot arrived and almost killed him. Now, forced to retire by the California State Athletic Commission, he has defied the odds by surviving a three-month coma and severe brain injury.

Forced to choose a new path, to live a different life, Lindo is certain he can do it, with the help of Xu, a mysterious spirit force of a man who emerged in the darkest days of Lindo’s coma. Xu and Lindo’s homosexuality are his biggest secrets. Encouraged to take his first vacation ever, Lindo flies to Honolulu where Xu becomes more potent, yet more mysterious. Signs are everywhere that Lindo must choose between love and death, and he also must decide whether to enter into a relationship with a hot local, Turner Cypriano. But if he does, what will that mean for Xu?

Lindo is an injured boxer who boxed in a match that he shouldn’t have Boxed in the first place. The Doctor who saved his life and the few people left who didn’t think he was a washed up old has been sat with him as the California State Athletic Association decided that he was no longer allowed to box. So Armed only with the money he had saved a man named XU only he could see Lindo take a long needed Vacation to Hawaii.

Everything in Lindo’s life changes in Hawaii.. The islands work his magic on his body and soul however with all go things there must be some sadness. A new friend takes Lindo to a Boxing Match and he is front and center to see the same injury he suffered from inflicted on another. Suddenly he feels his world come crashing in… Can XU pull Lindo back again or is there something else he needs to remember and do.

I want to start this review a little differently than I normally do.. Honestly there is nothing normal about how I do anything but that is neither here nor there right now lol.. I don’t do sports I don’t follow sports I am not a huge fan of sports. Sadly that is spoke by a onetime Varsity cheerleader. But I have been around boys most of my life. my brother (who is no longer with us) is only 18months younger than I am so I tended to hang with the boys(go figure) So I know something about sports I even played them as a younger person. So I know basics about most…
Ok so now on to the present… I know something about boxing and its very basic.. You beat the other person to a pulp and first one to falls and doesn’t get up looses. ( I not a stupid girl I know there is more to it than that) I also know that these men and woman are perfect honed machines. Hands down that is what they are. The Sacrifices they make for this sport is staggering. What I didn’t know and what I am learning is How few rules there really are regarding injury and how easily its hidden away and swept under the rug. Did you know that Boxers shouldn’t box if they have had any kind of head injury. If they are sparing and the sparring partner gets in a lucky shot to the head or the eye they shouldn’t box in the “big” match. Boxers Fight with injuries that can KILL them.. Boxing is the only Sport You have a High Chance of Dying doing. Boxers hide injuries from loved ones, Trainers, Managers, Promoters and other Boxers( this one does makes sense though) Up until recently MRI’s where not Normally Run on Boxers who sustained head injuries. The lack of Good medical care has resulted in Many deaths and life altering injuries. That to me is heart breaking. NASCAR has better Medical care for their Injured Drivers than the Boxing Association has for their Boxers. Granted they have made it harder for Boxers Benched ( I don’t know if that’s the right word) to go over sea’s or to another country to box. BUT it’s not enough. I think We should demand better medical standards for our Boxers. I don’t know what can be done and I think I know who I will talk to about it and Add more Later when I get more answers on what we can do.
AJ is Passionate about this topic.. Everything you read pertaining to boxing this book is true.. He himself lost a good Friend and Boxer and he made it one of his many goals to educate and help to make changes so no more boxers lives were lost in this sport. It is a pager turner you will not want to put this book down and I feel that it’s an Educational MUST read. OF course the Sex Is hot and our Boxer and his new lover are even hotter. Sweltering sex aside the Story is Real, heart Felt and really makes you think and want to get up and do something to help make a change. I can’t wait to read the Follow up (hint Hint AJ I want a book 2 please)

On a Scale of 1-100 for over all Reading I give it a 100!!!!! This is one of those books that you will read and come away changed.

On a Scale of 1-100 On hotness and Sex Over all I have to Give it a 101… I haven’t read an AJ Book that wasn’t Hot.
A Wizard in Waikiki - A.J. Llewellyn A Wizard in Waikiki

There are few things in this world that give me as big of a thrill as a new AJ book and I had been looking forward to this one since I heard he was going back to Waikiki. I Love Kimo and Lopaka... Div and Tem made me believe in Vampires again. Konu have rekindled my love of all things Magick. If you love whirl wind stories filled with Magick, love, and spirits then you are in for a wonderful story

Konu has been away from Waikiki for a long time. One of 4 ancient wizards who infused their power into 4 stones and left to be watched over and taken care of in Waikiki. 400 years Later Konu is back because he is needed to heal the damage done by thoughtlessness and greed. Stumbling out of the water and in to modern day Waikiki will He be able to do what he has been called back to do or will guilt and modern times get the best of him?

This easily another series of AJ's that is a Must read and own all of. AJ has masterfully weaved lessons, folklore, myth and reality into A Wizard in Waikiki. I couldn't put the book down from the time I started it. The Imagery was beautiful! I could feel, smell and taste Hawaii through Konu's eyes. The sex was as hot and sexy as you would expect from AJ... He does Live up to his readers expectations when it come to sex... I hold him to high standards too lol... Honestly the only problem I had was IT ENDED and I didn't have the next one to start reading!!

On an overall scale of one to ten I give this Book a hundred. It's as wonderful and enduring as Phantom Lover and Vampire in Waikiki were when I first read them.

On over all Hotness and over all sexiness I rate on a thousand on my hottie scale!!! I hope all of these books are as hot or hotter.

There are not many books out there that really touch my heart (laugh the ones that I hold dearest all happen in Hawaii) This books over all lessons are ones we all need to take to heart and remember. Pele isn't happy with us and she is making her unhappiness known. She is growing weary and tired and its time we remember the things we have forgotten and pick up where we left off before it's too late. It's not very nice to mess with Mother Nature...
Black Point Forever - A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly Black Point Forever

Matt and Thomas have the life of their dreams. Successful writers and movie producers, they are the proud parents of baby Rose Elise Carter who is a dream child until she suddenly becomes gravely ill. Diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease, none of their family members are compatible donors for the little girl. Her surrogate mom has disappeared and can’t be found. Rose’s cousin Daphne is a match but is deemed too young to withstand the painful donor process.
When Matt bumps into Thomas’s long-lost love, Daniel, in a fit of torment he confesses their nightmare. Daniel offers to submit himself. He’s a match. Will Thomas fall once again for Daniel or will love, like Black Point, belong to Matt…forever?

OK I actually started planning this review 10pages into the books. I was so overcome by well many things. I was crying from laughter and I hadn’t even gotten to the sad part yet. Before I delve too far into my review for those of you who don’t know A.J’s and D.J’s Black Point books are what introduced me to Hawaii and The Love of both of these writers. I know I spend a lot of time gushing over A.J and his writings and I know it gets to be a tab bit much sometimes. But I honestly mean what I say about this talented man and his work. DJ is by no means a slouch in this writing world either. I knew from book one that AJ and DJ were meant to be together and low and behold they are. Not only are they my number one favorite writing team they themselves are a wonderful loving couple trying to make it work in a crazy little world. The Black Point is a crazy look in to the world of wonderful people and it is a series of books that shouldn’t be over looked. My suggestion to everyone if you haven’t read these books to please get them and read them…
I also want to highlight something very very important that AJ and DJ both Highlighted in this book and I hope they forgive me for the copy and paste but I can’t say it any better than they did.
“Black Point Forever is a work of fiction; however, the critical worldwide shortage of bone-marrow donations is not. Blood diseases are infecting children at an alarming rate and many are left waiting for blood that never arrives. Our story was inspired by an actual case in New Jersey. That baby is still waiting for a donor, unlike the baby in this story.
For blended families, this is a particularly heartbreaking dilemma. Thousands wait in vain sometimes for years for the perfect match. Please consider becoming a bone-marrow donor. You may just become a lifesaving hero to a sick child. It is painless, simple and requires a simple cheek swab. With so many sick and dying children in the world, their illnesses are usually curable via a blood donation. For further information, please check out these links: And http:/ -AJ and DJ”
There is nothing more important than kids and Family and we are parents and as a people should do everything in our power to help insure that they have a healthy and long future.

Ok now on to my Review. I want to start by saying OMFG!! I actually cried tears because I was laughing so hard... But to my defense it’s because I was envisioning AJ as Juan the Cabana boy… After that it was all tears of frustration, pain and sadness. AJ and DJ told a story that sadly many parents face on a daily basis but they told it with a style and grace that only these 2 people can. We meet Matt and Thomas again in their beautiful home on Black Point in Hawaii. Surrounded by family friends and a new baby they ring in the New Year with the same beauty and grace that they live their lives by. A sudden fever and odd looking diaper rash sends them and everyone around they whirling and no one’s lives will ever be the same again. Old Loves, New Rivals and their babies right for survival. Will all the Aloha that surrounds them make their love stranger or is there something more sinister and sad going to happen? Not going to tell you. This like so many of these writers books is a must read and sometimes the best way to understand is to experiencing the ride for yourself.

AJ and DJ have always put a bit of themselves into their Black Point Books. This time is no exception. I fell even more deeply in love with Matt and Thomas and the love and support of their family and friends always warms my cold heart. Black Point Forever lives up to its name, you will walk away from reading this book forever changed. It is Silver personal opinion that Black Point Forever is a must Read book for 2012.

I know I only seem to review Gay Erotic Fiction and its true 99% of what I read is just that. I try to review about the things that truly move me which is why you see AJ’s name so much. His books Move me when he writes the DJ they move me to tears. For those of you who are Squeamish about Male love it is easy to look past it to the story. 90% of the stories I read a person with a less open mind could over look or even skip over the sex and read the underlying stories that are there.

On a scale of 1-100 this book rates 100 and is now and will forever remain on New Top 10 list for 2012. This is a Must read for everyone who has followed this story from the beginning

On a scale of 1-100 on hotness I have to rate it 1,000 Just because of Juan the Cabana Virgin Cabana Boy (sorry can’t explain need to read it for yourself to understand why in the hell I find that so damn funny
My Yakuza - A.J. Llewellyn, John Simpson My Yakuza OUT NOW!!
Purchase Link:

My Yakuza

Shiro Yamada has infiltrated a fearsome Yakuza clan in Tokyo in search of his missing mother, but now both their lives are at stake, unless he’s willing to kill a New York City cop.
Shiro Yamada’s problem has always been his lovely, wayward mum, Siono, who was whisked to her native city of Tokyo from their home in Honolulu, Hawaii by a mysterious businessman. Now she’s gone missing and may even be dead, according to a strange telephone call.
Scraping together money to fly to Tokyo, Shiro learns that his mum’s boyfriend was none other than Shun’ichi Harada, a major Yakuza clan leader. He has no choice but to infiltrate the deadly gang as a low-level bike messenger. He finds out his mother was forced into sexual slavery, but is she dead or alive?
Shiro puts his life at risk, and that of a young Yakuza prostitute, Miki, by asking too many questions. The Yakuza have figured out who Shiro is and if he wants to survive, he must travel to New York and eliminate a powerful enemy: Kono Takumi. The man’s crime? He is a NYPD detective who infiltrated the Yakuza to solve a murder mystery. Not only that, but Kono is gay, which the clan finds offensive.
Unfortunately, so is Shiro. Will he shoot to kill the one man he finds so attractive? Or is this a dangerous game in which there are no winners?
we all know that silver loves a good AJ book but be damned if it’s not my wet dream that AJ Llewellyn and John Simpson write a book together!!!! Well My Yakuza is My Wet Dream come true!!! This book has all the things I have come to love about AJ’s books... Hot Kinky Man sex, Hawaiian Humor (You just got Leid) and a weird Kind of Lesson (a Museum about Parasites). The Flip side is Johns All empowering knowledge of all things Cops. This was one of those books I had to physically be forced to put down (sorry family). AJ and John take you to beautiful haunting scary places and you feel as if you yourself are being hunted by the Yakuza and your life and those you care about hang in the balance.
I felt Shiro’s pain and desperation to find his mom in Japan. But how do you find which doesn’t want to be found? I felt his pain when he learns he trusts in the wrong people and ends up on the bad side of a Needle and is told to kill someone who betrayed the Yakuza worse than he himself has. So in a game of cat and mouse and kill or be killed how do you save everyone you love and come out alive yourself? Well in walks the Wonderfully sex and powerful Kono. Can the2 of them find away to save everyone, themselves and not lose their hearts to love? Well I know the answer to all those question and many more you are going to have to Buy this book and read it. I can NOT express enough the Importance of reading this book. You will lose yourself in the beauty, the suspense and the ending. My only hope is that there is truly to come from this sexy and awesome Duo.

I know I said I Was going to Rate the awesomeness of a book based on my Glitter lips but as I am finding out sadly they are more trouble than they are worth so on a scale of 1-100 the awesomeness of this book would exceed Infinity!! I can’t help it this Dynamic Duo is almost as awesome as when AJ and DJ team up (By far my most favorite Paring sorry)
Lastly Hotness This book is so hot I don’t know if I have a rating high enough so on a scale of 1-100 I will rate this 100+

I am an avid reader and I am privileged to read many great books but My Yakuza is one for the Ages… It is truly now one of my top 10 Most talked about books. You don’t have to take my word for it I don’t think that there is going to be a reviewer out there that wont love this book as must or more than I do.
Vagabond Heart - A.J. Llewellyn There are few times in my life that I can honestly say something has changed my life. There are even fewer books that have moved me or caused me to want to change my life or go out and change the world. I had the pleasure of Reading Vagabond Heart by AJ Llewellyn and I have to say it changed my life and moved me in ways I am still trying to explain. I love reading and reviewing A.J’s Books. Not just because he is a great friend and a wonderful Mentor to me but because his books move me and touch me in weird and special ways... However this book has moved me into wanting to do something... I don’t know what yet but I want to do something, more about that later in my review.
This is the synopsis of the book straight from the site.
Gay prostitute Tinder McCartney thought he had it made in WWII Honolulu…until true love and an attack on Pearl Harbor turned his life upside down.
Tinder McCartney is the only gay male prostitute working in Honolulu, HI during World War II. Like the 200 female prostitutes who live and work on Hotel Street, he services the armed forces drifting in and out of the islands. His life and work are controlled by the local police, yet because the cops don’t think that there can be that many ‘depraved’ men wanting the comfort of another man, Tinder is not only busy, but often in danger.
Living by very strict rules enforced by the police, Tinder cannot own or drive a car or bicycle, can’t ride street cars or be seen in the company of other men. He can’t visit bars or restaurants or swim at Waikiki Beach. Savagely attacked by two men one night, he is rescued by a local businessman, Jason Qui, the son of a Chinese immigrant and a former New England missionary.
Jason is not Tinder’s usual type. But Jason offers to protect and house him. It seems like the ideal business arrangement until Tinder’s Vagabond Heart can no longer handle the arrangement... and then on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor is attacked, turning the entire world upside down.
Let me start off by saying they never taught us this in School. I didn’t know that the American government and some Hawaiian officials took the way the rights of woman and men they themselves hired to sell themselves to navel and other military branches that came through. You don’t have to agree with or like prostitution but you need to see the bigger picture or at least the one that I came to understand by the end of this book.
These men and woman (I am in agreement that there had to be male prostitutes too) offered something that was needed greatly during this time. Many of these men died during this war either at Pearl Harbor or overseas. During their brief layover in Hawaii these men and woman offered love companionship and unquestioning understanding. Most of the woman came where brought in from Cali some were native Hawaiian’s others were just whomever else was there. These men and woman had three minutes to keep the line moving (hence the term minute men) Many came back time and time again and because of this they got to know them and confided their fears and their dreams to these men and woman.. These men and woman where a life line to young men just starting out as men in a war that was one of the bloodiest and scariest at that time in a lot of cases all they had. Immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor these same men and woman worked tirelessly side by side with everyone else to house and help the wounded in any way they could some even putting them at risk to do so.
Needless to say this book was an eye opener and a page turner... AJ went above and beyond and it shows. I also know that this book means a lot to him... He worked hard making sure that it was historically accrete. I think that he did a fantastic job. This book warmed my heart to because our Hero’s found love in a world full of rules, risk and lies. Vagabond Heart is heartwarming and Heart wrenching at the sometime. I laughed I cried and I want more.
On a Scale of 1-10 I rate this book to the infinity! Vagabond Heart is easily a MUST HAVE book!!!
On a Scale of Hot to Break out B.O.B I suggest you keep the B.O.B ready… I learned something New!!! (I had to Google Geisha Beads)
Over All and mean this from the very bottom of my heart Buy this book break out BOB and the Tissues and read!!! You will not regret getting this book and the next two in the series I feel are going to be just as Awesome!!! You will Walk away shaking your head and wanting more and I do so love when I am left wanting more!
I also walked away wanting to do something for the people of Hawaii. From talking to AJ it seems that Hotel Street and the surrounding area is looked upon as a black time in Hawaiian History. Not only for the Bombing of Pearl Harbor but because that is where all the whores were. It’s my wish now to figure out a way to help people see past that... Instead of looking at what these girls did for money look at what they did for the men. They were mothers, sisters and over all sometimes just a sounding boards. These young Soldiers told these men and woman their fears, their thought and their feelings... They helped these men in ways they needed it the most and I am not talking about the sex... They where emotionally there at a time they needed the most... They nursed some of these men from the brink of death… They were more than just whores. So much more than that and I think that everyone needs to see this…
You can Buy this book at Total-E-Bound Books the link straight to the book is
I think that this is one of those books you can look past the gay sex and see the bigger picture… If Gay erotic Fiction isn’t your thing that’s ok the love story involved transcends that.

Track - A.J. Llewellyn A.J. has ones again out done himself. Track, the lover of Paden, has assumed human form after the pair meets in the book Paden (Book 14, Phantom Lover series). Track tells Paden they can be together, but their love exacts a price…one that Paden is soon to learn can be dangerous and potentially deadly.

The thing about AJ Llewellyn when he writes about Hawaii you cannot mistake his love of the islands, their traditions and his need to bring up into this world and show us the old and sometimes forgotten ways. For me at least i am surrounded by the sites the sounds and the smells of the island... it's the closet i will get to a Hawaiian vacation. This Spin off of His Phantom Lover Series is as touching, heart wrenching and exciting as Phantom Lover was. I think that everyone will have a hard time putting this book down till the end.